Paratha To Pachadi, Try These 7 Radish Dishes This Winter
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With the onset of winter comes in a bounty of fresh seasonal produce. Any root vegetables, you name it, and you will find them fresh in the market during the winter season. Among all such vegetables is Radish, also known as Mooli, a versatile vegetable that can be prepared in various forms. Moreover, its leaves, also famous by the name mooli saag, are also edible and can be utilised in multiple dishes.

This crispy and crunchy vegetable with a kick of peppery flavour is also known as Mooli, Mula, in various parts of India. During the winter, mooli becomes a good healthy vegetarian option to incorporate into your winter diet. 

From the comforting warmth of mooli paratha to the freshness of radish salad, you must try these seven radish dishes to dive into the diverse and flavourful journey of winter's culinary landscape.  

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1. Mooli Paratha

Mooli paratha is a widely eaten Indian flatbread that comprises grated radish (mooli) combined with flour, herbs, and spices. After that, the dough is spread out over it using a roller, and radishes are stuffed inside it, forming a small package. These packages are then cooked on a hot tawa or pan until they become golden in colour. It has the taste of Radish combined with warming spices, which makes it a tasty and healthy meal. Mooli paratha is often taken along with yoghurt or pickle as one of the delicious snacks that can be taken at any time be it, breakfast or lunch.

2. Mullangi Sambar

Mullangi sambar- this south Indian dish is renowned for its intense taste. This is a traditional lentil based soup with the ingredients like white radish, pigeon pea lentils, tamarind and other herbs and spices. Sambar is enhanced with the taste of slightly peppery and earthy flavoured radishes mixed with other spices and tamarind. Garnished with fresh coriander, this healthier mixture that is mouth-filling and mouth-watery is rich in South Indian history.

3. Mooli Pachadi

The radish pachadi is a delightful and well-known South Indian side dish famous for the exceptional taste of its constituents. The salad consists of grated radish mixed with yoghurt, tempered mustard seeds, tamarind, curry leaves, and green chilli. As a result, there is a perfect mix of spicy, sour and crispy. Radish adds crunch whereas yoghurt gives creaminess in taste. Radish Pachadi is frequently served with South Indian cuisine and offers a pleasant tanginess that pairs nicely with other dishes in one’s meal.

4. Mooli Salad

Daikon radish is one of the main ingredients in mooli salad, which provides a refreshing and crisp taste. Thin slices of mooli blend with others like carrot, cilantro, sesame seed forming different textures and tastes which are harmonious. White radish is famous for its mild peppery taste, which makes an ideal addition to the meal and it is also very healthy and crispy. Mooli salad has been more than a delicious dish. It is also health-friendly because it reveals the goodness of pure food items.

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The famous Gujarati food is known as Mooli Muthia, a popular Indian item. The dough, made of grated radish (mooli), flour, spices, and herbs, is shaped into cylindrical dumplings. The dumplings can be steamed or fried and tempered using mustard seeds, curry leaves, etc. So, they end up making a hearty snack or salad, for that matter. At the Mooli Muthia restaurant, radishes are served with softness and crunchiness.

6. Mooli Moong Dal

Mooli moong dal is a wholesome, nutritious food containing yellow moong dal (split yellow mung beans) plus radishes (mooli). Lentils provide protein, while radish adds a distinct crunch with a mild pepper hint. Usually, the dish can be made from vegetables such as spinach or carrots which are seasoned with spices like cumin, turmeric, or mustard seeds; and most importantly, the diet can provide much needed nutrients and minerals that are crucial for our bodies. Mooli Moog Dal is an interesting yet delicious combination of radish and lentil that makes a perfect comfort food and healthy option about Indian meals.

7. Mooli Raita

Mooli is like a side dish in Indian meals. The radish gives a crisp texture, and the yoghurt brings a cooling balance to this creamy condiment. Mooli Raita is a delicious accompaniment to the rich, spicy main course, adding its textural contrasts. This enhances the entire eating experience in general and provides a round balance for the pallet with its crisp, mildly pungent tasting notes that counteract the yoghurt's richness.