Papaya Lassi For Weight Loss: Can Papaya Help In Shedding Kilos?
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Papaya, also known as papita, stands out as one of the most nourishing fruits available. Beyond its tropical allure, this fruit boasts an array of incredible health benefits, making it a popular choice among those seeking weight loss. With their low-calorie content, papayas are often enjoyed as a wholesome snack. They find their way into a variety of dishes and beverages, from fruit salads to refreshing drinks and invigorating smoothies.

While ripe papaya is typically consumed as is, the unripe fruit holds its own in cooked preparations, enhancing stews and curries. Its versatility extends to Thai and Malaysian cuisines, where it frequently graces the dishes. Furthermore, papaya finds a special place in ancient home remedies, harnessing its properties for various wellness purposes. 

Both raw and ripe papayas offer remarkable advantages for skin health and overall well-being. Incorporating this all-season fruit into your daily routine is even recommended for faster weight loss. The best part? You can relish it with any of your meals throughout the day. So, if you're looking for weight loss, you can embrace the versatility and goodness of papaya to shed those extra kilos.

Health Benefits of Papaya 

As per the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), an uncooked 100 grams serving of papaya pulp contains a mere 43 calories. Notably, a significant portion of the pulp is composed of water, providing both hydration and a satisfying sensation. Additionally, the USDA data reveals that papaya pulp contains 0.47 grams of protein and 1.7 grams of dietary fibre per 100 grams. The high amount of fibre present in papaya makes it good for digestion and weight loss. Here are some more health benefits of papaya you must know: 

Fights Infections 

With its substantial vitamin C content, papaya serves as an excellent fruit to boost immunity and support overall well-being. Interestingly, papaya seeds possess their own unique properties. As stated in the book Healing Foods by D.K. Publishing, these seeds have been found to possess the ability to combat infections caused by Salmonella, E. coli, and Staphylococcus bacteria. Furthermore, the book highlights their potential for eliminating harmful parasites from the intestine. 

Boosts Heart Health 

By incorporating papaya into your diet, you can harness the benefits of its healthy fibre, which assists in maintaining optimal blood pressure levels and controlling LDL cholesterol. This attribute contributes to a healthier heart and overall cardiovascular well-being. 

Weight Loss 

Adding papaya to your regular diet allows you to take advantage of its beneficial fibre content, which aids in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels and regulating LDL cholesterol. These properties contribute to improved heart health and overall cardiovascular well-being. Including papaya in your meals can be a smart and delicious choice for supporting a healthy heart. 

If you are wondering how to incorporate this wholesome fruit into your regular summer diet, we’ve got a wonderful option right here. Papaya Lassi is a perfect combination of taste and wellness that you can prepare easily at home and enjoy every day. 

Lassi, a refreshing beverage made from yoghurt, offers a multitude of benefits for gut health, primarily attributed to the presence of probiotics. The probiotics in yoghurt work wonders for the digestive system, promoting healthy gut flora and improving overall digestion. Moreover, lassi can be a valuable ally for weight management. The protein and calcium content in yoghurt help promote satiety and support a healthy metabolism, making it an excellent addition to a balanced diet. 

How To Make Papaya Lassi For Weight Loss 

Papaya Lassi


½ papaya 

½ cup of yoghurt

½ cup water

1 teaspoon pumpkin seeds

2-3 tablespoons of sugar or honey (as per your choice)

2 green cardamom pods


Peel and cut half a large papaya into small chunks. Discard the seeds.

Add papaya pieces and cardamom to a blender and blend till the papaya wilts.

Now pour water, yoghurt, and sweetener (optional) into it and blend again.

Add some ice cubes to the drink or refrigerate it.

Meanwhile, grind the pumpkin seeds coarsely, and once the lassi is chilled, garnish and serve.