Paneer-er Dalna: Perfect Niramish to Serve at Your Brunch
Image Credit: Paneer-er-Dalna

Niramish Chanar Dalna is a quick and simple Bengali paneer curry. It's named after a restaurant in Calcutta in which it was originally served. Niramish signifies that there is no onion or garlic in the dish. This tomato-based curry includes soft paneer and potatoes, as well as a selection of spices, and can be prepared in a jiffy. It's a fantastic meal for a busy weeknight if served with hot basmati rice and bread. Paneer is a relatively new addition to Bengali cuisine. In modern Bengali cuisine, Paneer is a popular vegetarian protein option due to its ease of accessibility. Paneer has become a preferred vegetarian protein option in modern Bengal because of the same. Chunky paneer and potato fried in oil and simmered in a moderately spiced curry sauce are excellent for weeknight dinners or lunches. You won't have to seek out any hard-to-find spices because they are not overloaded with cream or fat and they suck up the flavour (not at all loaded with cream and fat) and make a huge pot of delicious curry.


    400 g paneer

    150 g potatoes

    30 g peas

    40 g capsicum

    15 g mustard oil

    ½ tsp cumin seeds

    3 pcs cardamom

    1 pc cinnamon

    3 pcs cloves

    2 pcs dried red chillies

    3 pcs bay leaves

    40 g ginger paste

    4 g turmeric powder (plus ¼ tsp for marinating)

    2 g kashmiri red chilli powder

    4 g cumin powder

    100 g water

    50 g yoghurt

    11 g salt (plus ¼ tsp for marinating)

    16 g sugar

    4 pcs green chillies (slit)

    250 g hot water

    6 g ghee

    ¼ tsp gorom moshla

    vegetable oil for frying paneer


    Chop 3-cm-square paneer cubes. Slice the capsicum and potatoes into 2-cm squares and 3-cm cubes, respectively. Slice the green peppers. Yogurt should be well beaten to remove any lumps.

    Sprinkle a pinch of salt and little turmeric powder over the paneer cubes.

    Add vegetable oil to a pan that has been preheated (enough to fry the paneer). Before adding the paneer, let the oil reach the ideal temperature. Fry the cubes for about 30 seconds on each side in a single layer. When finished, set aside.

    In a kadai, warm the mustard oil. Add cumin seeds, bay leaves, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and dried red chilies to season.

    include potatoes Fry under cover until golden (4 minutes).

    Ginger paste, turmeric, cumin, and Kashmiri red chilli powder should all be combined with water in a small dish. The spice slurry should be added to the pan, covered, and cooked for about 6 minutes.

    Put salt in. Capsicum is then added. For three minutes, combine, then cover.

    Add beaten yoghurt and minced green chilies. For 2 minutes, cook uncovered over medium heat.

    add the steamed peas (if you are using raw peas, add them with the potatoes).

    For the gravy, add sugar and boiling water. Await it to to a boil.

    Add the cubes of cooked paneer. bubble until the curry thickens over medium heat (around 6 minutes).

    Add gorom moshla, ghee, and a sliced green chilli to finish.

Here you go, your delicious Libyan Chorba is ready to be served.