Pancakes To Cocktails: 7 Creative Ways To Use Your Leftover Jam
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Jams instantly draw large audiences. Jams, whether prepared from berries or other fruits, are a favourite with foodies of all stripes and can be used to whip up simple snacks or the most sophisticated desserts. Most people find jams quite enticing because of their citrusy or fruity taste, yet all we actually do with them is spread them over breads, chapatis, or parathas for a fast snack.

There are many more uses for jams outside than merely spreading them on sweet sandwiches, regardless of whether you want to use store-bought jams or homemade jams made from real fruits and berries. They satisfy your sugar needs and pack a powerful blast of reminiscence.

Peach Jam Coffee Cake

One whole cup of peach jam, two sliced peaches, and a dollop of Greek yoghurt combine to make this coffee cake very moist. Each piece tastes precisely like your grandma's peach pie thanks to the warm baking flavours like nutmeg, cardamom, and cinnamon. If you're having this for dessert instead of breakfast, it is strongly recommended to add some vanilla ice cream to your slice.

Salad Dressings

A tiny bit of sugar or honey can occasionally be added to a salad dressing to make it sweeter. But try some jam instead. To make sure you have the proper flavours, taste it before you pour it over your salad. Taking a leaf or vegetable from your salad and dipping it into the dressing to taste is a terrific suggestion. Instead of tasting the dressing alone, you can try the flavours combined in this way.

Jam Yoghurt

If you want to add some fruit flavour to your plain yoghurt, just add some jam and stir. That's all! To quickly obtain flavoured yoghurt, you can combine any jam of your choosing with your yoghurt cup. This kitchen tip is especially appealing to kids since it gives plain yoghurt or curds an instant flavour boost.

Cake And Pastry Filling

There should be ample evidence that jams work well as fillers because many well-known cakes, such as Victoria sponges, use jam as their filling. To quickly improve the flavour profile, you can use your favourite jam to fill cakes, doughnuts, or your best pastries. For best results, enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee.

Enhance Your French Toast

Are you tired of making French toast the same old way? To create stuffed French toast, load your bread pieces with jam, then cover them in the egg and milk mixture and toast them. Your leisurely weekend breakfast table will look amazing with the indulgently warm French toast.


Pancakes enhance the flavour of everything, and jam is no exception. For a beautiful Sunday brunch, just top your warm pancakes with a dab of your favourite jam. When serving pancakes, place jams and jellies on the table and watch how they disappear. This tastes great with whipped cream, in particular.


Any shaken drink can be enhanced with a teaspoon of jam. especially the apricot jam in a mojito, but feel free to experiment. Make sure to give everything a thorough shake before serving. You can also play around with the jams and drinks you like most.

You can make many cocktails using jam such as Jam Mojito, Jam Margarita, Jam Whiskey Sour, Jam Spritz, and more.