Pancakes For Breakfast? These Ghyoors From Jammu Are Reserved Only For Special Occasions
Image Credit: Pixabay, Also spelt as gheur, these pancakes are only meant for occasions like weddings and festivals.

While the Kashmiri cuisine is well-known for its fiery curries, meats and bread, the world is still untouched by the flavours of the Dogra cuisine from Jammu. It is a huge misconception that both Jammu and Kashmir share the same palate. It is true that both names are taken together and are part of one geographical unit yet each of them enjoys a separate fare with slight similarities. Dogra cuisine can be seen as a well-kept secret of Jammu that hasn’t been spotted by the naked eye that often. 

Kashmiri cuisine has a host of breads and tea to offer you for breakfast. From soft tandoori breads to pancakes and kulchas, the valley boasts of a variety of such items. Around the world too, pancakes are eaten in different ways, sweet, savoury, salt and spicy. Usually considered to be a breakfast option, a pancake is a flatbread that is made from flour batter. Little did we know that pancakes could be a part of special occasions too. In Jammu, pancakes or ghyoor are a part of festive celebrations and even wedding ceremonies. 

The Curious Case Of Ghyoor 

Spelt out in several ways like gheur or ghyoor, the name is usually pronounced as ky-oor in traditional dialect. These are largely seen as pancakes which are reserved for special days which might make you think that it is a complicated affair. The good news is that these pancakes are made with just three simple ingredients that can be easily found at home. 

It is believed that these pancakes are prepared during wedding celebrations. When the newly-wed bride comes home after the wedding rituals are over, ghyoor is prepared to welcome her to her new home. When the new couple visits a relative after marriage, these pancakes are tossed up on a plate to be served to them as a token of love. In fact, even during weddings, the ghyoors are used in a similar fashion as hiding the shoes of the groom called joota chupayi. The sister-in-laws offer the groom some ghyoor and expect some money in return. 

It is interesting to note how a simple pancake like ghyoor can play such an intrinsic role in the important events of Dogra community. To prepare ghyoor at home, you just need some maida or all-purpose flour, water and desi ghee. Mix the flour in water to make the batter. Toss it on a pan laden with desi ghee. Cook until it turns crisp. Serve with either curd and sugar or with a spicy potato curry. 

Here’s a recipe of Ghyoor for you to try.