Pakhala Bhata Platter, A Traditional Meal From Odisha

The main attraction is the cold, revitalising Pakhala Bhata, which provides a break from the tropical weather in the area. This platter presents a feast that is both cosy and steeped in tradition, honouring the simplicity of the ingredients while also showcasing the cultural diversity of Odisha cuisine.

Here are the items served in the traditional pakhala bhata platter. Read on to know more about them.

1. Pakhala Bhata: 

A traditional Odisha dish called pakhala bhata embodies the spirit of Odisha's culinary legacy with its distinct and revitalising taste. After being soaked in water and seasoned with salt, the fermented rice takes on a new flavour character that is somewhat acidic and sour. A pleasing combination of flavours is produced when the salt adds a savoury touch and the fermentation process produces a unique scent. Pakhala Bhata has a refreshingly chilly and watery consistency that is especially enjoyable on a warm day. When combined with side dishes like Badi Chura, Saaga Bhaja, and Dahi, Pakhala Bhata transforms into a mouthwatering symphony of flavours that highlights the diversity and simplicity of Odisha cuisine.

Video Credit: YouTube/ Piali's Kitchen

2. Badi Chura: 

A crucial side component of the Pakhala Bhata platter, Badi Chura adds a pleasant contrast to the dish with its distinct flavour and texture. These cooked lentil dumplings have a strong, nutty flavour when ground into a coarse powder. Badi Chura's crunchy, granulated texture gives every bite a delightful crunch, balancing well with the cool, tangy flavour of Pakhala Bhata. The recipe transforms into a rich mix that balances the simplicity of the fermented rice when paired with aromatic spices. In this classic Odisha culinary ensemble, Badi Chura adds a unique earthiness that enhances the overall sensory experience and makes it a beloved component.

3. Shaakh Bhaja

: An essential part of the Pakhala Bhata platter, Shaakh Bhaja adds a punch of flavour and texture. "Bhaja" means deep-frying, while "Shaakh" is the name for leafy greens, usually spinach or amaranth. These pan-fried leafy greens give the platter a pleasing crunch and a unique earthy flavour. The frying process intensifies the mild bitterness of the greens, which balances the fermented and refreshing taste of Pakhala Bhata. The platter offers a genuinely fulfilling and culturally rich culinary experience thanks to the mix of the crisp Shaakh Bhaja, seasoned Pakhala Bhata, and other accompaniments that establish a harmonious balance and showcase the complex play of textures and flavours inherent in Odisha cuisine.

4. Aloo Bharta: 

A classic side dish in the Pakhala Bhata menu, Aloo Bharta provides a hit of warming flavours. Mashed potatoes have a silky and pleasant texture when seasoned with aromatic spices and maybe a dash of mustard oil. The earthiness of the potatoes and the piquancy of the spices work together to create a plate that is enhanced overall. The mild warmth of Aloo Bharta creates a lovely contrast with the coolness of the fermented rice, and its simplicity balances the tanginess of Pakhala Bhata. Aloo Bharta is a well-known and comforting ingredient that adds to the perfect balance that characterises the aromatic and traditional Pakhala Bhata platter in Odisha.