Travelling Plans? Pack These Tasty Foods For Your Journey
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Best travel food ideas and recipes for your journey: While travelling, it might be tricky to pick healthy things to eat. It's easy to plan a vacation, but sometimes it isn't easy to pack the travelling food. Here in this article, we’ll recommend some food items to fill in your travel trekking bags! Long-hour of travelling journeys can be thrilling but tiring too. You are with your family, friends and on your trip, you meet new people, share your life moments, spend travelling time, and most importantly, you share your food, so it's a time to share healthy, travelling free, hygienic, reliable, food with others. Here is a listing of food items you could take while travelling. 

Fruits You Can Carry While Travelling: 

Although fruits can be available everywhere, you can buy and eat fresh fruits from the stalls. Preferably don’t slice any fruit while packing. Sliced fruits can’t stay fresh for longer. 

  1. Apple
  2. Banana 
  3. Oranges 
  4. Mangos 
  5. Avocado 
  6. Lychee 
  7. Jamun 
  8. Lemons 

All the above fruits can stay fresh for almost two to three days. So if you are planning a short trip for that, you can pack these.

Ready To Eat Food Items You Can Carry During Journey:

  1. Bread 
  2. Packed mayonnaise, hummus, peanut butter, jam 
  3. Dry fruits and nuts
  4. Cereals
  5. Chocolates, snacks 
  6. Tea and Coffee Bags 
  7. Dry milk 

These items can be a good choice while trekking. It stays fresh for longer days.

Indian Food Items To Pack On Your Trip:

  1. Theplas 
  2. Khakhras 
  3. Parathas 
  4. Sandwiches 
  5. Poha 
  6. Upma 
  7. Lemon rice

Indian snacks 

  1. Namak paras 
  2. Mathri 
  3. Methi puri 
  4. Walnut peanuts chikki 
  5. Wheat flour or jaggery laddoos 
  6. Peanut chutney powder 
  7. Bhelpuri
  8. Banana chips 

Try to pack the above Indian snacks in a container or zip lock. These will be your mid snack items. Try not to eat junk food and carry your travelling free items!!!