Organic Jam Brands One Must Try
Image Credit: Orchard Lane low sugar pineapple marmalade

Who doesn’t like a nice fruit jam spread over a slice of bread and munch in. these Homegrown Jam brands are changing the whole game the way one had been having jams. From rosella fruits, local varieties of oranges (malta, mandarin) galgal or pahadi lemon, blackberry, figs, cherries, plums, strawberries, guava, kiwi and more everything is jammed. The variety is just unimaginable and you can surely vouch for the quality and taste. It’s also great to see how the mountain people are making use of India’s rich produce of exotic fruits. 

Ilka's - Homemade Jams

This brand stands unique as it is inspired by the traditional German recipes and Ilka love for India. The brand sees interesting combinations of flavours like organic strawberry with ginger and cinnamon, naturally grown alphonso mango with pineapple, coconut, Indian raspberry with organic strawberry, natural vanilla bean and more. Free of preservatives, these all-organic jams are made from all locally sourced ingredients as possible. The bottles are available in 100ml and 250ml jars. 

Amiksha Cheese 

The famous Himalayan cheese brand Amiksha makes one of the best confiture de lait or as we know it sweetened caramilised milk jam. Don’t confuse it with condense milk. Fresh milk from the neighboring areas is treated in slowly simmering way and sugar is added, then stirring almost constantly, until the mixture thickens and turns a rich brown golden-brown colour. Their homemade confiture de lait is absolutely fresh and fuss free. This thick and gooey confection, with a warm, nutty brown color and a taste that’s not quite like anything else. It’s sweet, creamy, and caramelized, and can range in consistency from a sauce to a soft, chewy candy. Amiksa makes caramelized thick sauce version which can be used over desserts, cheesecakes or a spoonful for those with a sweet tooth.

Himalayan orchard Jams

70 kms beyond Shimla, this farm stay that’s protected deodar forest is run by Devanshee Chauhan Lidgley and her husband Michael John Lidgley. Tucked in the beauty if nature that place sees huge fruit orchards and Devanshee decided to utilize the full potential by making jams and chutney. The best part is they create them with seasonal fruits hence you will not get a particular flavor all through the year


From Caramel Spread, Mulberry Jam, Guava Jam, Bovenhully's has it all. The Boovenhully estate is situated in South Coorg is known for produces homemade produces and pesticide-free jams, pickles, fruit squashes, coffee nectars, virgin coconut oil, wild honey Boovenhully Estate, Coorg. With no no added preservatives these jars come to you all the way from Karnataka. These delightful spreads make great choice of breakfast and if you want you can even roll it in your roti and grab a bite. With no artificial sweetener and sans any preservatives this is fit for all. These handcrafted jams will change the breakfast table mood. 

Orchard Lane Preserves

Gagandeep Kaur Gill, founder Orchard Lane, one of the most promising natural jams and ketchup brand in India, it sees many varieties of fruit-loaded concoction. Gagan is known to French technique in which the fruit juice is extracted before the jam is made, making it more flavourful. The jams contain 80% fruit and sees unusual flavours combinations date and vanilla, melon and cranberry juice, Hot and Sweet Guava Jam and so on. They even are known for their pineapple marmalade. Apart from jams the brand is also known for tomato Ketchup, and an organic pizza and pasta sauce. Needless to say they are all organic. 

Family Food Chronicles

How about some Whisky Marmalade for breakfast? This Noida based brand run by Ambika Varma’s is an outcome of her love for cooking and hence Family Food Chronicles was born. Ambika works with seasonal produces. With no added no preservatives and using traditional methods of cooking and food preservation. Be the tanginess of the pickle or the sweet-sourness of the jams the overall texture is absolute delight.