Beetroot And Banana Blossom Payasam For Dessert In Sadya
Image Credit: Instagram/anjunasujinsukumar

Beetroot and banana blossom payasam is a wonderful dessert that reimagines traditional flavours in a fresh and creative way by fusing the earthy richness of beetroot with the delicate grace of banana blossoms. Beetroot is a root vegetable that is known for its deep red colour, which is associated with fertility and abundance, and it is believed that eating beetroot can help to promote these qualities.

The banana blossom is the flower of the banana tree. It is a white and delicate flower that is often seen as a symbol of purity and auspiciousness. It is believed that eating banana blossom can help cleanse the body and mind. Famous for its smooth texture and decadent flavour, this payasam is made by cooking beetroot, banana blossom, milk, sugar, and spices together.

The beetroot-banana blossom payasam has been garnering a lot of traction on social media platforms lately. Have you, however, had the opportunity to taste its flavours for yourself? If not, think about treating yourself to this outstanding dessert made of vegetables, especially at the Onam sadya feast. Surprisingly delicious, this meal is valued more highly than even the popular palada, pal payasam, and semia payasam by many admirers. Here is a straightforward recipe that you may enjoy.

Why Should You Have This Dessert?

Beetroot delivers important nutrients such as dietary fibre, vitamins, and minerals that support heart health, digestion, blood sugar control, and detoxification. With antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that support liver health, immune system strength, digestion, and cardiovascular function, banana blossoms further increase these advantages.

The dessert is suitable for people watching their blood sugar levels and weight because of its low glycemic index and fibre content. Beetroot and banana blossom payasam is not only a delicious culinary creation but also a healthy supplement to a balanced diet thanks to its distinctive flavour and plethora of health benefits.


 1 litre of cow milk

 1 finely chopped beetroot

 Powdered cardamom, as required

 Ghee, as required

 Cashews, as required

 1 banana blossom, finely chopped

 Raisins, as required


 Start by soaking banana blossoms that have been finely cut in water for thirty minutes.

 After that, drain the blooms of any extra water and set them aside.

 To warm ghee, use a large cooking vessel. Continue to sauté the beetroot slices for a quick two minutes.

 Incorporate the banana flowers into the mixture and ensure thorough cooking.

 Cook the payasam gradually over a low flame for around 30 minutes after adding milk to the mixture, stirring to ensure thorough mixing.

 Turn off the heat source once the milk has reached the desired thickness.

 Heat the ghee in a separate pan and add the cashew nuts and raisins.

 Combine them with the payasam once they have turned a mild golden colour.

 Mix in the powdered cardamom and serve the payasam.