Onam 2022: Chef Manpreet Dishes Some Festive Specials
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The big festival of Kerala is here and we are all excited about the Sadya.  The big dadday of feast is here. Sadya is surely more than a meal it’s an emotion. Plated on a banana leaf, with almost around 20-26 dishes, this meal is a holistic meal in all aspect. Onam is all about enjoying a delicious meal served on a banana leaf with your loved ones.

This complete nutritional and  ayurvedic platter is known for its flavours and varieties of dishes, it also highlights the benefit of some traditional eating practices that have health benefits as well.

Chef Manpreet Malik, Executive Chef, Crowne Plaza Chennai Adyar Park says , " Dakshin has always been a  savour the feast of all the south indian festivities.  Well, it's a tremendous joy to intend eco- friendly Onam sadhya which captures the spirit of kerala.  We have curated 30 traditional vivid colors dishes which includes Pul-inji, Avial to Toran, Olan, Kalan to mouth - watering Ada pradhaman, pal payasam and Boli."

Nei Paruappu

Photo- Raks Kitchen



    500 gm Toor dhal

    200 gm green chilly

    100 ml Coconut oil

    5 gm Dry red chilly

    10 gm curry leaves

    01 tsp mustard seeds

    100 gm garlic cloves

    50 gm Ginger

    200 gm Coconut

    100 gm Ghee

    50 gm Coriander powder

    01 tsp Turmeric powder

    Salt to taste


• Boil the Toor dhal till it gets mashed

• Grind the coconut with green chilli and turmeric along with cumin.

• In pan put the tempering of mustard seed, cumin, curry leaves and red chillies

• Add the dhal cook along with it gets mashed then add the Coconut paste.

• Cook it get soft finally add the Ghee and serve it.

Ada Pradhaman


• 200 ml fresh coconut milk

• 5 gm cardamom pow

• 50 gm Sugar

• 100 gm jaggery

• Ada sheet

• 5 gm cashews

• 10 ml Ghee

• 10 gm coconut dice


• Melt the jaggery like a liquid consistency

• Cook the coconut milk with cardamom to reduce the half quantity

Soak the ada rice sheet in hot water and cook till get cooked

• Cook the jaggery syrup and coconut milk till it gets soft

• Ad tempering with ghee and Cashew along with cardamom powder

• Served with fried cashew and Coconut