Onam 2022 – Best Places To Have Onasadya In Chennai
Image Credit: Onasadya meal at Savya Rasa | Instagram - @savyarasa

As Onam approaches, so does the feeling of pomp and festivity. It truly is one of the biggest festivals in India and it is celebrated in a grand manner, especially down south. Now, one common term that we keep hearing whenever Onam is near is Sadya or Onasadya. So, before we list out the best places to enjoy Onasadya in Chennai, let us first understand what sadya is and what are the dishes that are served.

Sadya is the food of joy, festivities and celebrations. This banana leaf meal is served during festivals such as Onam and also during weddings. There are a large variety of dishes that are a part of the sadya and often, they are all already served on the banana leaf. This essentially means that you do not have the choice to not take some of the sadya food. Traditionally, the sadya leaf is divided into two parts. The upper part of the leaf has condiments, gravies and other accompaniments while the lower portion has the staple food items. The dishes are served from right to left on the leaf. The meal consists of pickles or achaar, a variety of chips, jackfruit items, yam, rice, lentils with ghee and payasam. The best part about onasadya is that the meal is elaborate, yet so light that you can eat the entire serve and not fill overwhelmed by it.

A elaborate Onasadya spread | Instagram - @turmeric.lady

Now, let us look at some of the best places to have Onasadya in Chennai.

Ente Keralam - One of Chennai's best-known Kerala fine dining restaurants, Ente Keralam operates from two locations in the city -  Poes Garden and Anna Nagar. Along with having a beautiful arrangement to have sadya at the restaurant, they have takeaway boxes too for those who cannot experience it there. It remains one of the most popular and authentic places to eat Kerala food in Chennai all-round the year.

Kappa Chakka Kandhari –The place is all set to bring the festivities of Onam to Chennai in a grand fashion. Besides the traditional dinner and lunch at the restaurant, KCK has a lot more exciting things lined up for their customers. It is offering Onasadhya- Feast in a Box, which is a takeway family meal, Onam Gift Box which contains delicious payasam, pickles and chips and Onakkodi and a selection of traditional Onam Special Payasams. All of these offers are for delivery and takeaway too!

Hyatt Regency Chennai – The hotel is celebrating Onam with grandiose at the Ghar Ka Khanna food promotion and hosting a wonderful dinner. For those who might miss the afternoon Sadya due to festivities at home can relish it in the evening at Spice Haat. The speciality of this dinner is that you will get to sample dishes like the Paal Ada Pradhaman and cabbage thoran too!

Savya Rasa – Located at Kotturpuram, the place offers more than 30 delicious dishes as part of its elaborate Onasadya meal. If you cannot sit down for the grand meal, you can also opt for their easy and convenient takeaway option. The best part of the takeaway that they provide is that the quality is not compromised at all and all the 30 signature dishes are carefully packed for the customers.

So, celebrate Onam with a heavenly spread of Onasadya at these places and relish the wonderful taste of the meal. Kickstart your Onam festivities with good ambience, delicious food and august company.