On Vishu, Bengaluru Artist Plates An Endearing Story Of Lady P’s Love For Rice
Image Credit: Facebook/@rohit.bhasi

“Nothing can ever beat the fulfilment of eating boiled rice and steamed veggies,” says Bengaluru-based artist Rohit Bhasi, whose sketches and stories are replicas of the street food vendors and their quirky local customers whom he meets while travelling around South India on public transport. On the occasion of Vishu 2022 though, he presents an endearing pictorial tale of a certain rice-loving Lady P, whose fetish for simple food sees her go places and beyond.

 A native of Kerala, for Rohit relishing an elaborate spread of Sadya is a lot about the emotions, sentiments and memories attached to it, and of course, the food. “We have grown up eating simple home-cooked meals served on banana leaves. These are mindfully prepared dishes of seasonal vegetables and crops that do not make you feel bloated even after having a tummy full. And the experience gets better when you enjoy these meals with your friends and family,” he explains.