Oily Food Overload? 6 Tips To Reset And Recover After Oily Meals
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Who doesn't like having some chole bhature on a Sunday morning with a cup of warm chai? Just merely thinking about it makes one salivate so imagine the kind of joy it brings when one is actually eating it. Even though it is important to look after one's health and maintain a good distance from oily food, treating yourself occasionally with the food that you enjoy, even if it's oily, can be acceptable.

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However, the problem isn't about eating oily food. The main problem starts after one has finished their food and then suddenly the body starts showing the effects of all the oil that it has just received. One may experience severe indigestion, heaviness, nausea, and even acidity. However, there are a lot of ways through which one can revive themselves and instantly recover from the after-effects of eating too much oily food.

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* Drink Green Tea

Green tea is filled with a lot of healthy antioxidants and is a great way to neutralise the effects of too much oily food in the body. As per a study published in the Molecules in 2021, green tea has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, antidiabetic, and anti-viral effects on the body. After one is done eating, they should go for a small walk to feel lighter and then have a cup of green tea. The oxidative boost is going to help with digestion and the stomach is going to feel a lot better. The chances of stomach inflammation are also quite low.

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* Warm Water

It is a quite common phenomenon that one feels extremely thirsty while eating oily food. This is because oily food has dehydrating effects on the body. Instead of drinking cold water or any other aerated beverage, it is always better to have a glass of warm water on the side. Warm makes it easier for a person to digest food and also handle spicy food. Even after one is done eating their food, it is always better to keep on sipping some warm water from time to time, as it helps flush out the oily feeling from the body.

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* Fennel Seed Water

Having fennel seed water early in the morning is part of the routine of a lot of people. As per a study published in The Open Access Journal for Life & Environment Research in 2021, fennel seeds can be a remedy against digestive disorders like bloating, flatulence, and stomach congestion. It acts as a detoxifying agent and flushes out harmful toxins from the body. To reduce the after-effects of eating fried and oily food, one can have some fennel seed water half an hour after eating their meal. It helps in accelerating the process of digestion and fights against symptoms such as bloating, indigestion and gas. The warmness of the water also makes the stomach feel a lot better.

* Curd

Curd is known for its probiotic abilities and good bacteria that can help improve gut health. Also, it is quite cool so it can help in tackling the problem of stomach inflammation. The best way to have a cup of curd is to add some roasted cumin seed powder, which can stimulate even better digestion. The combination of cumin seeds and curd is going to improve bowel movement and prevent the formation of gas.

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* Have A Lots Of Fruits

Fruits are a great source of vitamins, fibre, and minerals. They also help in naturally rehydrating the body and help a person overcome the sluggish feeling that one may have after hopping on a lot of oily food. After eating very spicy and oily food, the digestive system feels overburdened. To decrease this burden, a person should keep on eating lots of hydrating fruits that might be available seasonally for a couple of days after eating the unhealthy meal. This will slowly help in eradicating the feeling of dehydration and nausea from the body.

* Next Meal Should Be Light

After having a meal of choice that is quite healthy, a person must make sure that the next meal is very light and easy on the stomach. One can simply have a fibrous bowl of oats that is lightly seasoned or dahi chawal. Try to avoid consuming spices and focus on something that is easy to digest and has a good amount of protein. This is exactly what the body will need after a hard-to-digest meal has been consumed.