Need An Oil Dispenser For The Kitchen? Here Are 4 Different Options To Try
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We use a variety of items to make our kitchen work easy, quick and more organised. The oil dispenser is one such item that can keep different types of oils. One of the benefits of using a dispenser is that it makes storage and usage easier. In addition, it has less chance of its disintegration and destruction. But these days, there are many types of oil dispensers available in the market, ranging from steel to gloss, varying in size. So, today we are telling you about different types of oil dispensers with their specialities.

  1. Gloss Oil Dispenser: These oil dispensers are made with the help of gloss, which has a stainless steel or plastic nozzle making it more convenient to use. Most oil dispensers are transparent, so you can easily store vinegar, soy sauce and many other liquid items in it besides oil. You will easily find it in capacities ranging from 500 ml to one litre in the market. However, since the top of this bottle is tiny, it is often difficult to clean it. You have to use a bottle brush to clean it in such a situation.
  2. Oil Dispenser With Brush: The speciality of this oil dispenser is that the silicon brush is also attached to its lid, helping make parathas and grease the pan. This is a suitable oil dispenser for health-conscious people because you cannot use too much oil by using it. However, they are usually smaller in size, due to which you cannot store more oil in them. Also, the oil dispenser with brush available in the market doesn't have a nozzle, due to which it isn't very convenient to use. 
  3. Stainless Steel Oil Dispenser: Typically, stainless steel oil dispensers have a capacity of one litre with a plastic lid. It also has a nozzle with a cap on the top, due to which the oil is easy to use. Furthermore, since the body of this oil dispenser is made of steel, it is more durable, effortless to clean and refill.
  4. Plastic Oil Dispenser: You will also find many varieties of plastic oil dispensers in the market. In this, you get a long size bottle, which has a nozzle with a cap on the lid. At the same time, you'll also find wide plastic oil dispensers that are very easy to clean and refill.