Odia Indulgence: Here Are 5 Delicious Odia Desserts You Can Savour This Festive Season
Image Credit: Source: Priyanka Pani/Instagram

All Odias believe in the saying- “Aame Odia, Bhari Badhiya” meaning “We Odias are the best”. Quite needless to say, Odias are proud of who they are. From the rich culture and heritage to the picturesque beauty of the state, the points in the ‘Odia pride’ list are endless. As an Odia myself, I know the pride and dignity we Odias uphold for being an Odia. However, one of the most important things that Odias are proud of is the culinary heritage of the state. From the comforting Pakhala to the irresistible Rasagola, Odia culinary heritage is filled with gems with their distinct identities in terms of flavours, textures and aromas. With a plethora of delicacies of all flavour profiles, Odia cuisine zings with all things delicious and distinctive. As we have already struck the savoury notes of Odia cuisine in many of our previous articles, we are here with some delicious Odia desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth today. Add these desserts to your bucket list before you plan to visit the state to not miss on these delicacies. 


Needless to say, Rasagola is one of the most favourite sweets of almost all Odias. Having received the GI tag in the year 2019, Rasagola has been a part of Jagannath culture for ages. 


Yet another favourite, Chhenapoda is popularly called the ‘Indian Cheesecake’. Made by baking kneaded Chhena along with sugar for hours, Chhenapoda is a symbol of absolute decadence. 


Regionally known as ‘Puri Bhoga’, Pheni is a deep-fried sweet made from all-purpose flour and sugar. Served as Prasad to Lord Jagannath, Pheni is a must-have on the visit to Puri. 

Chhena Gaja

By now, it is quite evident that most delicious Odia sweets are made from Chhena and Chhena Gaja is no different. Chhena Gaja is made by deep-frying Chhena squares and then dipping them in sugar syrup flavoured with cardamom. 

Chhena Jhili

Famous in the Nimapada district of Odisha, Chhena Jhili is made by deep-frying Chhena and Maida balls and then dipping them in sugar syrup. The crusty exterior of the Chhena balls along with the sweet sugar syrup creates a flavourful and textural variation together. 

We know you are already drooling but this is not the end of the list. Apart from these five desserts, Odisha has numerous other sweet delights which are absolutely indulgent and drool-worthy. Do not miss a chance to relish them in all their glory the next time you visit Odisha.