Oatmeal With Water Vs Oatmeal With Milk: Which Is Healthier For You?
Image Credit: Oatmeal With Water Vs Oatmeal With Milk

Sweating it out at the gym is only one part of the equation. Eating healthy is the other equally important part of living a fit and active life. With more and more people moving over to clean-eating habits, oats are gaining popularity. From Avengers star Anthony Mackie to Instagram fitness icons like Hanna Öeberg, oatmeal has become a go-to meal for the fitness conscious around the globe. However, there's always one debate about oatmeal that never seems to settle - Is oatmeal with milk healthier than oatmeal with water? Scientifically, the correct answer would be both.

Milk and oats combination

The oats-and-milk combo has been a breakfast favourite for generations now. Thick, creamy, and deliciously decadent, it packs nutrition to fuel your day. The protein complements the high fibre content in the oats in the milk. This meal is especially great post-workout because it has ample complex carbs, protein and micro-nutrients to help muscle recovery and refuelling. Milk also brings along its natural sweetness, which adds to the overall taste of the dish. 

Water and oats combination

When it comes to milk and water, the result is a slightly less decadent dish also lower in calories. This combo is equally impressive for those who love the flavour and texture of oats. Since oats have healthy fats, it is creamy even when you cook it with water, making it all the more delicious. This oatmeal would be a good fit for your pre-workout window when you need the complex carbs but not the excess fat and richness.


It would be safe to say that one would benefit from each variant of oatmeal by consuming it at the right time and also topping it with the right ingredients. Be it oats paired with milk or cooked in water, try and pair it with fresh fruits, seeds or berries. Sugary oatmeal does no one any good.

(With inputs from Raghav Gupta, Founder and Managing Director of Oateo Oats)