Nutritious Nutmeg: 7 Reasons Why Eating Jaiphal Is Good For You
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Our great-grandmothers have used various spices in the kitchen for their medicinal properties since time began. Many of these spices are no longer available on our kitchen shelves. One of them is nutmeg or jaiphal, a warm spice. The spicy nut, best known for its sweet aroma, has been used for centuries to flavour culinary dishes and desserts. In addition to its aromatic properties, nutmeg has numerous therapeutic applications.

Multitasking and stress have become the leading causes of anxiety and insomnia in today's fast-paced corporate culture. To deal with this situation, most people resort to expensive remedies such as chamomile tea, to name a few. But what if there's a much cheaper and tastier aromatic substitute?

Nutmeg has sedative and anti-stress properties. Its essential oils have nerve soothing properties that can relieve anxiety and completely de-stress the body. That's just one reason you should restock your kitchen with this incredible spice. It also has a slew of other advantages that will entice you to buy the spice right away.

"Take a tiny pinch of nutmeg powder in a warm cup of milk right before you sleep and see the magic happen," is a popular saying about jaiphal.

Here are some of the advantages of eating nutmeg.

1. Aids Digestive Health

Nutmeg contains essential oils that have carminative properties. So, if you have digestive problems like diarrhoea, constipation, bloating, or gas, grate a pinch of nutmeg into your soups and curries and eat it. It promotes the secretion of digestive enzymes, resulting in relief, while the fibre content of nutmeg promotes bowel movement. It also aids in the removal of excess gas from the system.

2. Helps With Pain Relief

Many essential volatile oils are found in nutmeg, including myristicin, elemicin, eugenol, and safrole. According to the book DK Healing Foods, "its (nutmeg's) volatile oils have anti-inflammatory characteristics that make it excellent for relieving joint and muscle discomfort." Inflammation, swelling, joint pain, muscle pain, and sores can all be treated with a few drops of essential oil applied to the affected area.

3. Improves Brain Health

Nutmeg is an aphrodisiac, stimulating brain nerves. During ancient times, the Greeks and Romans used it as a brain tonic. Its essential oil is known to be an effective ingredient for treating depression and anxiety because it relieves fatigue and stress."Depending on what the body requires, it can function as a stimulant or a sedative. It can help lower blood pressure during times of stress. It can, on the other hand, lift your mood and act as a tonic and stimulant, making it useful if you are recovering from an illness or are tired" according to the book DK Healing Food, it is also linked to improved concentration.

4. Good For Skin

Nutmeg is an excellent skincare ingredient due to its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as its ability to remove blackheads, treat acne, and unclog pores. A common home remedy is to make a paste of ground nutmeg and honey and apply it to pimples. Allow it to sit for 20 minutes before washing with warm water. Another way is to make a paste with nutmeg powder and a few drops of milk and massage it into your skin before rinsing. It can be combined with oatmeal and orange peel in scrubs.

5. Treats Bad Breath

Bad breath could indicate toxicity in your system. Toxins can accumulate in your organs as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle and poor diet. Nutmeg is said to aid in detoxification by removing toxins from the liver and kidneys. Because its essential oils have anti-bacterial properties, it aids in the removal of bacteria from the mouth that causes bad breath. It's a common ingredient in Ayurvedic toothpastes and gum pastes. The essential oil eugenol also aids in the relief of toothaches.

6. Assists With Hair Growth And Weight Loss

Clogged scalp and dandruff are two causes of hair loss. Nutmeg's anti-microbial properties keep the scalp clean and prevent dandruff, preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth.

Nutmeg directly helps in boosting the body's metabolism, which is a primary factor that aids in weight loss, by helping the body remove toxins and improving its digestive capabilities.

7. Regulates Blood Pressure

Because of its high mineral content, nutmeg is an excellent ingredient for regulating blood circulation and pressure. It contains calcium, iron, potassium, manganese, and other minerals that are necessary for various bodily functions. Its stress-relieving properties aid in the relaxation of blood vessels while keeping the heart functioning properly.

Parting Words

Despite the numerous benefits of nutmeg, it should only be used in small amounts (a tiny pinch a day is enough). Excessive nutmeg consumption can result in nausea and vomiting, and even altered brain activities such as hallucinations.