Now You Too Can Make Authentic Biryani In Minutes

Biryani is believed to be one of the most complicated dishes, ask any seasoned chef. If you speak to an expert about how much time it took them to ace the recipe of biryani, they will tell you months or even years. From selecting the right basmati to marinating meat with perfect blend of spices, making biryani at home or restaurant is not an easy task. It takes hours to present the lip-smacking rice-based dish on the spread.

Thankfully, Daawat has made biryani cooking one of the easier processes in the world by introducing their Biryani Kits. The all-new Daawat Biryani Kit consists of Daawat biryani rice, authentic biryani paste, whole spices & a delicious raita seasoning to complete an authentic biryani experience. It comes in a selection of three iconic regional variants - Hyderabadi, Kolkata, and Lucknowi. Even if you are a newbie at cooking, you can try your hands at making biryani at home and cook the dish to perfection without any hassle.

For Indians, who love their biryani so much that almost every state has a different version, equally sumptuous compared to renowned ones – Hyderabadi, Lucknowi & Kolkata. According to various reports, Biryani has been the most searched recipe in India and it has consistently featured as the most ordered dish in the country from the last 3 years.

Daawat Biryani Kit - Easy-To-Cook Authentic Recipe

When you search for any biryani recipe on Google or YouTube, you see a long list of ingredients & instructions. From marinating meat to preparing a specific biryani masala, the list is never-ending. You have to ensure that the proportion of rice to meat or vegetables is right so that the dish comes out well.

However, if you have a Daawat Biryani Kit at home, making this finger-licking dish is as easy as it gets. You just have to follow 3 simple steps. 

1.    Boil rice with whole spices until 90% done.

2.    Cook vegetables/meat of your choice in the biryani paste that comes in the kit.

3.    Layer rice & vegetables/meat and dum cook.

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Your Favourite Dish Will Be Ready In Minutes!

With Daawat Biryani Kit, there’s no hassle of bringing the ingredients together. You just need fresh vegetables or chicken or meat. No more going to the market to buy lots of ingredients, spices, and rice. No more putting in extra effort and going the extra mile to soak rice overnight or marinate meat for hours. If you have this kit in your pantry, you can make an authentic biryani in just 30 minutes.

All those who find cooking biryani as a time-consuming process and hence order it online, ordering a Daawat Biryani Kit will be more cost-effective. You can get your hands on it at any e-commerce grocery store. It comes at a fraction of price at which you order biryani and helps you cook 1 kg of Biryani. You no longer have an excuse for not cooking this dish at home because the Daawat Biryani Kit is there for you. 

Tell us why you think this product is best for you on any festive occasion, whether it's Mother's Day or simply a Sunday feast, and you could get a chance to win a Biryani Kit.