Now, Enjoy A Sip Of 24-Carat Gold, Bhut Jolokia Tea
Image Credit: Image: Shutterstock

Tea is one of the most loved beverages in India. Perhaps, that is why one can find countless varieties of the beverage in the country. And while organic tea is yet to gain widespread popularity in comparison with the cutting chai or masala chai, we have an interesting variety that has taken over the buzz online. An Assam-based startup offers 'ghost pepper' and 'gold' tea among its 40-odd speciality blends. Mixing one of the world's hottest chillies - 'bhut jolokia' - and 24-carat edible yellow metal, the company has invented this unique blend to woo consumers. 

At a time when international markets are drawing towards the country’s vast tea offerings, innovation in blends is definitely the need of the hour, as consumers become more health conscious and are looking for special varieties. Entrepreneur Ranjit Baruah says, "We have created more than 40 speciality and luxury blends under the brand 'Aromica Tea', and have plans to add more to the list soon."

Speaking about the unique chilli and gold tea blend, Ranjit told PTI, "Tea flavoured with the 'bhoot jolokia' or 'ghost pepper' is a fiery innovation in the world, for which we have filed an application for patent and are awaiting approval. This variety of tea is brewed for those who like their cuppa spicy, and it has health benefits." For the unversed, bhut jolokia is twice as hot as Mexican red savina. It is twice as strong as habanero pepper, and three times spicier than cayenne.  

Ranjit also spoke about other innovative tea blends and said 'insulin' tea with Costus Igneus plant leaves, 'blue' tea with Asian pigeonwings flower (aparajita), and 'moringa tulsi green' tea are among its special varieties. For the unversed, Costus Igneus plant leaves are believed to activate beta cells in the pancreas, which, in turn, boosts the natural insulin secretion in the body and maintains the blood sugar levels, while the 'moringa and tulsi' blend helps reduce stress and strengthen immunity. 

The company has also ventured into luxury 'gold' tea with its entity blending 24-carat edible yellow metal with black tea. Can you guess the price? ₹2.5 lakh per kg. Explaining the USP of the products, Ranjit says blending tea leaves with traditional herbs and other ingredients adds to their health and nutritional value. The tea blends are made using "only natural ingredients that have been traditionally used in every household in the Northeast region over the years", he adds. Ranjit further says that all the tea varieties "are produced using organic farming as our primary aim is to ensure wellness of the consumer".  

Speaking of Assam, and the Northeast region, Baruah says that it is home to many herbs that boast many medicinal properties, which are considered beneficial to cure or control diabetes, migraine, boost immunity, and act as anti-ageing and anti-cancer elements. 

Besides introducing such innovative tea blends, the startup also launched its first braille-friendly tea packets in November last year to assist visually challenged people to select their tea.