Not Again, After Viral Masala Dosa Ice Cream, Momo Ice Cream Scars Internet
Image Credit: Pixabay

The moment you begin to feel that you have seen everything, the internet springs a surprise (or shocker) that leaves you queasy again. We had not even reeled from the damage caused by the Masala Dosa Ice Cream, when we stumbled upon, hold your breath- Momo Ice Cream. That’s right, just like Masala Dosa, two veg momos are chopped up and mixed with a scoop of Vanilla ice cream in this bizarre dish. This is not the first time that the Tibetan dumpling has experimented with in the capital. It was here, that the momo received a Tandoori makeover, and it was also here where the material of ten momos was used to make one mammoth-sized Jumbo momo. Many people in the capital also found takers for chocolate momos, but still, can we make an appetite for this strange ice cream?  

The video posted on the Instagram page @greatIndianfoodie features an ice cream maker who lands two veg momos on his flat plate and starts chopping and probing it until all the fillings (chopped cabbage and carrots) are out and is mixed up with flour casing. A giant scoop of vanilla is the next ingredient to follow, post which the vendor also adds a drizzle of chilli momo chutney. Everything is mashed and mixed together using two, long thin steel blades and spread out in one super thin layer. Using the same blade, he makes ice cream roll ups that now, also comprise, two whole veg momos. The momos are served with a garnish of red, hot momo chutney, and we honestly cannot figure, what can we expect from this ice cream. The comment section was filled with equally puzzled, shocked and enraged users.

Even actor and comedian Gaurav Gera couldn’t fathom the fusion and commented “Ye kaise kasi ice cream dikhate ho...dosa ab kya achaar ice cream (what are these kind of ice creams, first dosa now this, what is to follow next, a pickled ice cream), he wrote.  

“Ab Duniya Ka Ant Nikat Hai (The end of the world is near)”, wrote another miffed user.  

Vada pav ice cream roll on the way”, preempted another shocked user.  

 Many inventive hashtags also made it to the comments like #momomurder and #icecreamassassination.  

Not just Delhi, momos ruled the streets across India in the year gone by. We saw many interesting and bizarre momo creations, from Jumbo momo, to momo paratha and kulhad momo. Year 2021 has given us our first viral momo trend in this ice cream, will it find its fans in days to come. We are yet to see.  

What do you think about this ice cream? Do let us know.