Nostalgic Snacks Of India That Are Still Adored Today
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There's something magical about those sugary treasures that makes them stick in the minds like bubblegum to the bottom of a shoe. Those innocent childhood days, when a simple ice cream cone could turn a bad day into a carnival of joy, are nothing short of joy and continue to linger in the heart.

Childhood is like a storybook filled with lots of dreams and hopes in young minds.  Each day is a new chapter, and the minds are filled with curiosity about how the earth was made, why there are stars in the night sky, and what mom is going to cook for dinner tonight.

When achievements marked a job well done, there was a consistent reward, which was a pat on the back and a delightful treat. Treats and snacks possessed the magical ability to bring a smile to the heart. It wasn't just the taste that brought enjoyment; it was the complete, rewarding experience of doing something good that served as a source of motivation. Those treats were a golden ticket to happiness.

To commemorate those memories, this article features 5 such memorable snacks that are always nostalgic and still loved by many adults.

1) Maggi

Maggi is a go to meal for many adults who don't get time to cook. It has always remained one of the most loved snacks of childhood and still continues to delight many. As it can be easily cooked in 2 minutes, just like the brand markets, it can be easily cooked by young people and offered a cooking lesson for first-timers in the kitchen. Maggi also features such nostalgic moments in their brand advertisements and continues to serve many as a delectable, easy-to-make treat with its signature taste.

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2) Little Hearts Cookies

These cookies, shaped in little hearts and topped with melted sugar, Little hearts are one of the most consumed snacks in India, which has continued for several years. The iconic shape of these cookies is still recognizable by many and it doesn't need any branding of its own. With the introduction of these cookies by Britannia company in 1993, this innovative product was largely sold because of being a packaged snack. To this day, it is often recalled as being a most joyful childhood treat by many.

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3) Dairy Milk

The tiny cubes of these milk chocolate bars are one of the most loved sweets by people of all ages in India. Since the introduction of dairy milk chocolate in India, the brand has featured lots of nostalgic moments associated with this chocolate in their advertisements and featured this product with “kuch meetha ho jaye” tagline striking the Indian tradition of having something sweet in times of happiness. This treat still continues to create memories of joy for many and is one of the most loved childhood delicacies.

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4)  Cadbury Bournvita

Marketed under the same brand, Bourvita is a chocolate energy drink product sold by the Cadbury company. This energy drink is a beloved treat for several Indians and continues to grow in popularity. Many can recall eating the powder straight out of the jar to devour its chocolaty sweet and bitter taste secretly. This iconic energy drink is still sold in several cafes in several variations.

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5) Halke Fulke

Halke Fulke is a potato chips product marketed and sold under Haldirams. This snack has served as the most favourite chips product, beating the Lays chips in the race. It is due to the simplicity of the ingredients used in the making and the authentic Indian taste that goes with the brand. Haldirams brand originated in Nagpur and has gained popularity throughout the geography of India for its iconic taste and an array of flavours that each of its products features. Halke Fulke, being available in several flavours, has reached the heart of many by fulfilling each Indian's unique preference for potato chips.

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These timeless treats of joy still feel like a rollercoaster back to old times. From delectable sweets to savoury snacks, childhood is filled with those immense emotions that are felt with those munchies that still continue to fulfil untimely cravings.