No Yeast Coconut Toddy Goan Poie, Make It The Traditional Way

Goan food is diverse and includes a variety of cuisines, but the traditional Goan bread, often called poi or pao, is a staple. As you probably know, bread arrived in Goa with the Portuguese explorers. Back in the 1700s, bread was first brought to Goa. Back in the early 17th century, they were the ones who brought bread to Goa. Since that time, bread of all varieties has become an essential component of this cuisine. It is a type of bread that is popular in Goa and is known for being fluffy, soft, and slightly sweet. In addition to having a flavour and consistency all its own, the bread is an essential component of the Goan culinary tradition. 

Goan cuisine relies heavily on this special bread, which has a flavour and texture all its own. Sandwiches and other snacks made with it are common accompaniments to fiery curries. During their colonisation of Goa, the Portuguese introduced bread-making skills, which had a significant impact on the development of Goan poie. Goans and tourists alike continue to like it since it is an integral part of Goan cuisine. 

Although fermented toddy was originally used to make poee, this method is now largely extinct because of the high cost of obtaining the liquor and the widespread availability of commercial yeast. Like pita, poee is best prepared on a pizza stone, which retains the oven's intense heat and causes the bread to rise up and cook thoroughly on the inside in just a few minutes. 

Recently, Chef Avinash Martins shared the recipe of traditional way of cooking the Poie bread on his Instagram. He captions, “Poie made with coconut Toddy!!!” 

He explains, “Yes, this is the way the traditional Poie was made. No yeast! The toddy was yeast and it acted as a great leavening agent and also gave that sourdough taste to the Poie!” 

Here is Avinash’s recipe for no yeast poie bread. 


1 cup All Purpose Flour (Maida) 

1 cup Whole Wheat Flour 

1 cup Wheat Bran 

1 teaspoon Sugar 

1 teaspoon Salt 

100 ml coconut toddy ( morning extract) 

1 tsp yeast( optional) if you have less time ! 

50 ml water 

Method: Mix all the dry ingredients. Then combine toddy and water to make a soft smooth dough. Keep it aside to rise until the dough doubles in size for about an hour. Once double in size punch back. Divide the dough into balls and flatten them with wheat bran. Size of the ball will wary depending on what size poie you want. Allow the bran dusted poie bread to rise again for another 1 hour. Once the Poie dough have risen, bake in a wood-fired oven for best results or preheat an oven to 220 C. The poies will puff up and get a golden colour! Remove from the oven and serve hot.