New Vegan Pizzas Here Are Such A Treat, You Won’t Miss Meat

If there’s one food item that has truly acquired a cosmopolitan status, it is the pizza. While Italy is considered to be the birthplace of modern-day pizza, many of your popular pizzas such as the Chicago deep-dish of the Hawaiyan pizza have no connection with Italy whatsoever, they were, in fact, made in the US. Quite similar to how the tikkas have found their way into the pizzas back home. Pizzas are so incredibly versatile, that they can be imagined and reimagined in a million more ways. The new menu of Nomad Pizzas is not only a tribute to pizzas around the world, but also the vegans, who are trying to make the world a cruelty-free place.

We tried the brand new vegan pizzas at the Nomad - Vegetarian And Plant Based Pizza Series, and they can surely bring both vegans and non-vegans together. We started with the Naples-style Shiitake mushroom and vegan cheese pizza; the grilled shitake, with rocket leaves in combination with creamiest cheese make this freshly-baked pizza a treat for the soul.  

Not a fan of mushroom? No problem. Roast pepper with sundried tomato and crumbled feta pizza, is another vibrant, and delicious Naples-style pizza you can try. The bell peppers retain their crunch, and bring a harmony of flavours to the pizza in combination with tangy sundried tomatoes and creamy, savoury feta cheese. A wholesome deal indeed.

The deep-dish pizzas at Nomad are a rage among patrons and for a good reason. In our grilled Peri Peri Tempeh pizza, magic happens ‘inside’ the pizza. That’s right, the pizza bases is stuffed with thin layers of spicy tempeh (a soy substitute of meat) and vegan cheese. The topping is that of some rocket leaves. A must-try if you are looking for something wholesome, just a slice can fill you up.

A lighter option would be New-York style BBQ Tempeh charred corn pizza. The base is light, and the additional topping of peanuts elevates the texture of the pizza with its crunch.