New To An Air Fryer? Tips You Need To Cook Healthy Dishes

An air fryer is an efficient way to make unhealthy recipes healthy. With the use of a small amount of oil, you can turn any snack recipe fit for people with high blood pressure and cholesterol patients. The appliance keeps the flavours intact while cooking the outer layer just enough to add a crunch.

Image Credit: Meenu Savita Arora/ YouTube

In the past decade, air fryer cooking has gained popularity among fitness enthusiasts who want to keep up with their health without compromising on their love for food. Whether you want to cook meat or vegetables, the appliance is a one-stop solution to every need, and the best aspect of having an air fryer at home is it takes less space than a stove or microwave. It is a perfect addition to a house where students and bachelors.

If you want to cook in an air fryer, here are a few tips to help you take things up a notch.

Preheat An Air Fryer

Just like an oven, preheating an air fryer is important. While you are preparing your snacks, you can set the timer for preheating. It escalates the cooking process because of the high temperature. You can skip this process, but it only means that your food will take longer to cook, and you will have to repeatedly check to ensure you have not overcooked the dish. Only 5 minutes of preheating is enough in most air fryers.

Add A Small Amount Of Oil

People wish to cook dishes with no oil, but a small amount of it hurts no one. It only helps to keep the snack juicy and crispy. If you want to cook potato bites, French fries, samosa, or any snack that you would otherwise need to deep fry, drizzle only a tablespoon of oil or even less on a dish, give it a good mix, and pour it into the air fryer basket. At this mix, you have to ensure not to overcrowd the tray, or else, the batch won’t come out perfect.

Remove Excess Liquid

Most people use air fryers to make crispy snacks, irrespective of the fact that you are making a non-vegetarian, vegan, or vegetarian delicacy. The one thing that you have to keep in mind is to pour dry ingredients into the air fryer tray. Even if you want to cook marinated meat or vegetables, make sure that the coating is just enough. Extra liquid can decrease the intensity of crispiness than what you expect.

Stirring Is Crucial

When you dry any dish, you need to stir in between, especially when it seems half-cooked. You do that when making anything either in the oven or on the stove. You have to follow the same rule when cooking snacks in an air fryer. Halfway through cooking, stop the air fryer, and stir the ingredients. Flipping the food is also a good idea for even cooking. It will make the dish crispy on all sides.