New Bizzare Food Trend: Golgappa Ice Cream Leaves Netizens Gagging

Believe it or not, bizarre food trends are here to stay. We are at the end of only the first month of 2022, and some of these weird trends have already had netizens gagging. However, some of these food items were worth trying, as the taste outdid the visuals and the risk. 

It’s clear that most of these food trends were about mixing sweet and savoury elements. And in doing so, they didn’t even spare the ice cream. From Puttu Ice Cream to variations using momo and masala dosa, this year’s ice cream trends have surely blown our minds. Here’s another ice cream trend you cannot miss:

In a recent video by an Instagram food blogging channel that goes by the name @thegreatindianfoodie, a vendor is seen making Golgappa Ice Cream. The video begins with the vendor making golgappas with sukhi puri, chutney, aloo masala and chhole. Next, he goes on to add some cream and crushes the golgappas till they are completely mixed with the cream. He then carves out a few ice cream rolls and garnishes them with some crushed sukhi puris and serves his customers.

The video was uploaded with the caption “Teekhe golgappae kha ke ho gae bore? Aao kare aapka teekha pan kamm. Golgappa ice cream ke sath (sic)”. The video has garnered over 240k views, around 7k likes and hundreds of angry and disturbing comments. An Instagram user said, “Zeher kha lo ice cream k sath wahi baaki h”, another commented “Narak me b jagah nahi hai is gunah k liye😂 (sic).” 

However, to everyone’s surprise, the food blogger tasted the ice cream and said that it was surprisingly tasty. But can this review mend our broken hearts? 

Would you like to try these Golgappa Ice Cream rolls? Do let us know.