Never Eat These Food Items Before or After Drinking Tea

A cup of tea is not only a beverage that keeps you warm but also your addiction and an excuse to have a great conversation with someone. Tea has an array of benefits associated with it. But, tea lovers have it just for the comfort it provides. While a cup of tea early morning right after getting up may seem necessary to fill you up with energy, having it during the other time of the day along with food may not be a good idea. The reason is, some foods are not compatible with tea and having them together or without an interval of few hours may affect your health negatively. Below, is a list of food items you should not have along with a hot cup of tea.

Vegetables Rich in Iron

Iron is an essential nutrient for blood production. Tea contains compounds called oxalates and tannis that can prevent absorption of iron. They do that by binding themselves with iron. Therefore, you should never have tea just before or after eating green leafy veggies, cereals, lentils, grains, nuts etc.


Lemon is considered an important ingredient when it comes to losing weight. However, it can cause bloating if consumed along with tea. Also, a combination of lemon and tea can lead to acid reflux, heartburn.

Gram Flour

Having pakoras made with besan along with tea sounds enticing especially during rainy season. But this combo can cause digestive issues in some people. Also, it can reduce your body’s capacity to drain out the nutrient from these items. So, the best thing is to have these together occasionally.


Turmeric is not compatible with tea and having them together can cause a disruption. You may experience acidity, gas, or even constipation

Cold Eatables

Having something cold and hot at the same time is anyway not advisable as it may damage your enamel. Also, having foods of different temperature at the same time can affect your digestive function and you may experience nausea.