Why Neem And Aloe Vera Should Be Added To Your Skincare Essentials?
Image Credit: Skincare Essentials

Aloe Vera and neem? Why add them to your skincare routine? The answer is these are simple, inexpensive, natural compounds that provide many benefits while avoiding harsh chemicals. Summers in India are becoming considerably hotter with each passing year. Our skin becomes rough and tanned due to the heat and sweat, which close dust pores, resulting in uneven skin tone. So it's time to invade the kitchen garden and search for the humble neem and aloe vera before you release your purse strings to purchase expensive products. 

Mrs Rakhi Ahuja, Managing Director and Founder of JOVEES, shares four advantages:

  1. Clearing the skin and removing surface pores— Neem aids in the removal of germs that cause acne and skin breakouts, while aloe vera's beneficial acids aid in skin regeneration and overall smoothness. These magical components work together to unclog pores and remove blackheads and whiteheads without drying out the face or behind flaky peels. When used regularly, the skin becomes brighter, more even-toned, and smoother. 
  2. Acts as a pollution blocker — Aloe Vera's antioxidative qualities help to heal sunburns and tans. Neem is anti-inflammatory and helps reduce germ/filth accumulation on the skin produced by sweat and grime. As a result, it gives long-term strength.
  3. Hydrating — Hydration without an oily finish is always an essential summer skincare need. This is also a function of aloe vera and neem. It hydrates and refreshes the skin, mainly when used before or after daily baths. 
  4. Revitalizing — The collagen in neem and the antioxidants in aloe vera aid to improve skin appearance, texture, restore skin vitality, elasticity, and plump the skin to make it look more alive. 

Now that you know all the advantages of neem and aloe, it's time to put these simple ingredients to use. If you don't have them on hand, try planting them in pots.