Navya Naveli Nanda Grabs A Rainy-Day Dosa At Rameshwaram Café

Bollywood kids find themselves under the pressure of the spotlight from India’s film and media industry. But for Navya Naveli Nanda, granddaughter of Bolly-royalty, Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan, her star-studded origins don’t seem to stop her from just going out and enjoying a street-side dosa with her friends, as seen in her latest Instagram post. 

Nanda posted a picture outside The Rameshwaram Cafe in Indiranagar, Bangalore along with a group of 8 friends as they displayed plates of dosa and chutney along with big smiles. The caption simply reads, “We had to… 👀❤️”. 

The comment section was overwhelmingly positive with users thrilled that she was visiting this beloved ‘Luru spot. “Can you please do a PSA and let the people of Mumbai know that they need to up their south Indian food game, please?” says one person who clearly misses home food. Another says, “Hope you tried their Ghee Podi Idli!!!!” Looks like Dosas won this time, sorry random internet user.

Despite having a bevy of old-school dosa spots to contend with in Bangalore, Rameshwaram has quickly been gaining popularity. This QSR model with long hours, low prices and quick service has quickly gained a loyal following who will vouch for the authenticity and flavour of their offerings. 

It’s no surprise that this was a go-to stop for Nanda who has been unabashed in her love for food and recently also posted pictures of herself eating a dosa when one inquisitive Instagram user questioned how she stayed so skim despite her love for junk food. Nanda handled the situation calmly by posting a series of images of her eating and assuring people that it was ‘an illusion’.

Currently the 25-year-old in on the road with the youth group Yuvaa in collaboration with her own Project Naveli, which works to address gender inequality in India. The #YouGrowGirl tour is aimed at holding live shows across India to ‘talk about entrepreneurship, self-growth and social change.’