Navratri Breakfast Foods To Pull Through The Vrat
Image Credit: Breakfast Vrat (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Vrat food can be very boring and unappetizing. And you might just be planning to skip it. But we recommend instead of skipping the meal, why not try to make it more appealing? From aloo ka parantha to cutlet and chutney, there are so many great breakfast foods for you to try for the coming seven-day vrat. Here are four fun recipes ideas you can use to create a wholesome breakfast for yourself. 

Kuttu ka Paratha

Love aloo ka paratha? Make it just with Kutty ka atta instead. You make stuff the parantha with aloo or mashed up panner or even some sugar to make sweet and savoury breakfast. All you’ll need to do is replace the atta with kuttu. A pro tip, Kuttu tends to be very sticky so grease the surface where you will knead with oil and then a dusting of extra Kuttu atta. Also called buckwheat flour, kuttu ka atta is also a good gluten-free flour. So if you want to take care of your health, this recipe is the one to keep near.

Singhare ke atte ki Puri and Aloo Sabzi

Aloo and puri are some of the yummiest breakfasts out there. And we assure you that’ll barely be able to taste the flavour of Singhare ka atta. Slather on some extra ghee to your puri and enjoy your meal with a special Navratri pickle. 

Arbi Cutlet

Arbi cutlets are super delicious and can make morning meals quite interesting. You can both bake these cutlets are pan fry them if you want to use less oil. Just don’t forget the chutney

and curd to go along with the cutlet.

Sweet Potato and Banana Chaat

What if you wanted some sweets for breakfast. We recommend a Sweet Potato and Banana Chaat. For this, cook the sweet potatoes separately, season them, and let them cool. Similarly, cut up the bananas and caramelize them on a pan with some sugar. This will both soften the banana and create a layer of caramel. Follow by combining on the stove and serving.