Navratri 2023: 7 Vegetarian Gujarati Dishes For Breakfast
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Navratri is a very special occasion in Gujarat and there is no better way to start a celebration than to enjoy authentic Gujarati food early in the morning. The cuisine is renowned for its unique flavours and a plethora of delicious vegetarian dishes. Breakfast in Gujarat is no exception, offering a variety of mouthwatering options that are not only tasty but also healthy.

So, this Navratri, choose from the below mentioned 7 vegetarian Gujarati breakfast dishes to start your days on a wholesome note.


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Dhokla is undoubtedly one of the most iconic Gujarati breakfast dishes. Made from fermented rice and chickpea flour, this steamed delicacy is light, fluffy, and spongy. The dhokla batter is spiced with green chillies and garnished with mustard seeds and fresh coriander, creating a nice balance of flavours. Served with chutney, it's a wholesome and nutritious way to start your day.


A beloved Gujarati flatbread,Thepla is a fantastic breakfast option. It's made from whole wheat flour, spices, and fenugreek leaves, offering a unique earthy flavour. These thin, savoury flatbreads are perfect with pickles, yoghurt, or even a cup of tea. They're easily portable, making them a popular choice for picnics and travel.


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Handvo is a savoury cake that's a staple in Gujarati households. It's prepared from a batter of rice, lentils, and mixed vegetables. The mixture is seasoned with spices and baking soda, then baked to perfection. The result is a crispy outer layer and a soft, fluffy interior. Handvo is not just delicious; it's also packed with essential nutrients.

Fafda and Jalebi:

This is a classic combination enjoyed during special occasions and festivals. Fafda is a crunchy snack made from gram flour, turmeric, and carom seeds. On the sweeter side, Jalebi is a spiral-shaped dessert made from deep-fried wheat flour batter soaked in sugar syrup. The contrast of flavours and textures in this pairing is truly a treat for the taste buds. This is the perfect festive breakfast combo.

Batata Poha

Poha is a quick and easy breakfast dish popular across India, including Gujarat. In this Gujarati version, poha is flavored with mustard seeds, curry leaves, and turmeric, along with potatoes. It's light on the stomach and perfect for those looking for a healthy start to the day. You can customise it with veggies, peanuts, and garnish it with fresh coriander and grated coconut.

Sev Khamani:

This is a mouthwatering dish that's perfect for those who crave something spicy and tangy in the morning. It's made from coarsely ground chana dal cooked with spices, topped with sev, and garnished with a generous squeeze of lemon. Pomegranate seeds are optionally added for garnishing. The combination of flavours is simply irresistible.


Muthia is a steamed or fried dumpling made from a mixture of whole wheat flour, spices, and greens like fenugreek leaves or spinach. It's a healthy and flavourful option for breakfast, often served with a side of green chutney or yoghurt. It is shaped like fists, due to the way its made, hence the name.