Navratri 2021: Vrat Dishes You Can Make With Curd

Navratri is about to end but there is still no end to the excitement. It's just the beginning of the festive season and there is more to come. Navratri brings with it a series of festivities that come with fasts. Although the festivities are quite fun-filled, there are chances that you experience fatigue or weakness due to fasting. So, to keep your body energized and healthy, it's important to include healthy foods in your fasting diet. And when talking about healthy ingredients that keep us energized, we can't think of anything else but curd. Full of probiotics and essential nutrients, curd is a smart choice during fasts. So, we have listed five delicious dishes made with curd that you can include in your fasting diet. 

1. Samvat Curd Rice  

A quintessential part of all fasts, Samvat is a barnyard millet that is incorporated into a lot of Indian dishes. From Khichdi to Upma, Samvat dishes fill the body with the much-needed energy during fasts. And what’s better than Samvat rice along with the nutrition of curd? The healthy carbs of Samvat rice along with the probiotics of curd make a perfect Vrat dish. 

2. Vrat Ki Kadhi  

A classic dish served as a main course dish along with flatbreads or Khichdis, Vrat Ki Kadhi is made with curd with a tempering of curry leaves and red chillies. Pair this along with flatbreads or pooris made with Kuttu or Singhara flour to relish it in all its glory. 

3. Dahi Wali Arbi  

Quite low in fat and sodium, Arbi is a must-include veggie in the fasting course. Pairing Arbi with curd can be quite beneficial for your health along with filling your palate with decadent flavours. 

4. Dahi Wale Aloo  

Does this dish even need an introduction? Quite popular during Vrats, Dahi Wale Aloo hits the perfect savoury and tangy notes. Savour this dish with flatbreads or Khichdi to keep asking for more. 

5. Fruit Salad With Curd  

Sort your salad game this Navratri by making a fruit salad along with curd. The healthy and scrumptious fruits deliciously complement the curd along with making you go “Ga Ga” over them. 

These dishes are a must-include in your Navratri menu this year as they are healthy and delicious as well. Try them out today and thank us later.