Navratri 2021: Scrumptious Arbi Recipes To Build Your Menu With
Image Credit: The Magical Vrat Veggie - Arbi (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Navratri is one of the most sought-after festivals celebrated by the Hindus across the world; each of nine days of this fest is earmarked for worshipping one of the Avatar of Goddess Durga. And as we celebrate these nine days of puja, many dedicated devotees take up a seven-day fast.


Most Navratri food is repetitive of paneer and potato and the food can get monotonous after some time. So if the change is on your mind we recommend switching the foods on your plate and trying some arbi. Arbi can be used to whip up some toothsome and enjoyable meals. 


Also called taro, arbi is a root vegetable with a dark exterior and pale flesh. Most parts of arbi are edible including the root, leaves, corm, and tuber. Since it is a vegetable there is no restriction in consuming arbi under the rules of the vrat. Here are some recipes ideas to help you work with arbi

Arbi Fry

Navratri snacks are super important and they can also be pretty delicious if made right. Arbi can become a fun part of your afternoon snacks. You can create arbi fry which is cooked arbi coated in spices and enjoyed with chutney. You can use arbi in place potatoes in most recipes. 

Arbi Roast

Looking for something light and healthy? Try these arbi roast to quick bite of flavour and decadence. You can prepare them in the oven or even sauté them on the pan.

Arbi Curry 

Arbi ki sabji is quite delectable so you may try making it as a sabzi or a curry. Arbi can be used to create arbi pulao using vrat ke chawal. 

Arbi and Kuttu ki Puri 

Boiled and mashed arbi can also be used in puri or roti atta to give it some volume, boost of flavour and structural strength.