Navratri 2021: Falahari South Indian Recipes To Try
Image Credit: Something new to try.

As we celebrate the most sought after Hindu celebration, many devotees as a way of worship take up a seven day falahari fast. Each day of this celebration is dedicated to one of the avatar of Goddess Durga.


Today marks the last day of Navratri vrat, so why not treat yourself with authentic south Indian food. Pour yourself some sambhar and chutney and prepare some dosas, it is time to give yourself a little change from the generic aloo and paneer sabzi. Follow along to make a full south Indian meal: 


Vrat ka Sambhar

Now, traditional sambhar is made from dal which is not a food one can consume during vrat. But this recipe comes this a twist - it is made from pumpkin. It is tangy and sweet and a perfect accoutrement to your falahari dosa and chutney. You’ll be eating this by the bowlful.


Vrat ka Dosa

Made from samak rice and potatoes, this is vrat friendly version of dosa that we all know and love. Since it is made from smack rice, it has also got that extra bit of crunch. 


Vrat ki Chuntey 

No south-Indian thali is complete without some toothsome chutney. This coconut chutney is absolutely delicious and will go great with the dosa and even some upma. 


Falahari Upma

Need a new recipe for breakfast? Try this some falahari upma. It is truly scrumptious, and not at all too spicy. So if you want something bland and light, enjoy a plate of this upma.


Navratri Special Payasam

After eating a heavy plate of dosa and sambhar, you’ll obviously need some dessert to wrap up the meal. Don’t worry, we have got your back with this scrumptious recipe of falahari payasam recipe. This is so good, it does not even have to Navratri for you to prepare and enjoy this. 

 Go-on try some new recipes.