National Sports Day 2023: 6 Nutritious Foods For A Sportsperson

Eating nutritious food every day is very important for the overall health of the body. It supports the proper functioning of every organ and helps in performing our day-to-day activities. Having good eating habits is essential for everyone, but the importance of daily nutrition increases when you are into sports. An athlete or a sportsperson requires more calories, protein, vitamins, and minerals as compared to a normal human, and they also need to have even greater control over what they eat.

According to a report by the National Library of Medicine, nutrition is very important to enhance an athlete’s performance. A good diet provides them with energy to play, to think, and to recover. From improving endurance to promoting muscle recovery, the right diet can make all the difference and help you unlock your potential.

Since August 29 is observed as National Sports Day, here are six nutritious foods every sportsperson must have in their diet. The quantity of these foods on the plate differs from person to person, depending on the kind of sports they play. So, it is advised to consult an expert before adding these foods to your diet:

Kidney Beans

Yes, your very own rajma is an amazing addition to the diet of a sportsperson. According to Netmeds, kidney beans are an excellent source of protein, minerals, and fibre. Apart from improving heart health and digestion, these beans help in the repair and growth of muscles. Rajma can be enjoyed as a curry, salad, kebab, or sandwich.


According to PharmEasy, dates are packed with vitamins, protein, and other essential nutrients that improve overall health. They reduce inflammation and strengthen bones. Consuming eight to ten dates every day boosts muscle health, gives you post-workout energy, and helps you recover faster. Apart from eating them on their own, you can add them to your smoothies and protein shakes. You can also replace sugar with dates while preparing desserts.

Dairy Products

Dairy products like cheese, yoghurt, and milk are a natural source of calcium, potassium, and protein, which are important for enhancing the performance of a sportsperson. According to a report by Sports Dietitians Australia, these food items contribute to recovery after workouts and training. Cheese can be added to dishes like pasta and sandwiches, while yoghurt can become a part of your meal, snack, and dessert.


Bananas are an essential addition to any person’s diet who is more into physical activity. Easy to carry, it can be consumed at any time of the day. But for a sportsperson, the right time is pre- and post-workout sessions. According to Healthline, being rich in potassium and other vital nutrients, bananas promote muscle function and prevent cramps. Besides being a primary ingredient in smoothies and shakes, bananas can also be used in muffins, porridge, pancakes, and oatmeal. 


Packed with protein, eggs are the most popular food among athletes. The antioxidants and other compounds present in them enhance the recovery process. According to a report by PeaceHealth, athletes and bodybuilders who consume egg protein increase muscle mass quickly. Egg bhurji, omelettes, boiled eggs, and egg curry are some healthy ways to consume eggs. 

Nuts And Seeds

Nuts and seeds are the best sources of healthy fats, fibre, protein, magnesium, and vitamins, which help boost overall health. According to a report by Sports Dietitian Australia, they help boost the body’s function, immunity, and recovery from exercise and muscle damage. Some of the best nuts and seeds for a sportsperson are peanuts, almonds, cashews, chia seeds, and pumpkin seeds. Apart from snacks, they can also be included in your cereals and smoothies. Before adding them to your diet, make sure you are not allergic to any of them.