National Mango Day 2023: Know 7 Interesting Viral Mango Stories

National Mango Day is a celebration that resonates deeply with Indians, for their love affair with mangoes knows no bounds. Known as the "King of Fruits," mangoes hold a cherished place in Indian culture, traditions, and cuisine. This delectable fruit's sweet and succulent taste, coupled with its vibrant colors and intoxicating aroma, captivates the senses and evokes fond memories of summers spent indulging in mango delights. From mouthwatering mango lassis and aamras to tantalizing mango pickles and chutneys, the versatility of this fruit knows no bounds. National Mango Day is a time to rejoice and revel in the sheer joy that mangoes brought to us. Here are some interesting mango stories to know. 

Aam Khaao Inaam Paao 

There is an endless number of possible mango celebrations to plan. The Directorate of Horticulture of the Bihar Department of Agriculture hosted a mango festival in Patna for three days. Over 600 mango growers and business owners from various regions presented their goods at the festival, which featured roughly 3000 distinct species of mango and a large range of processed items. It has been claimed by some state officials that spreading knowledge of the many varieties of mango grown in the state was the driving force behind putting on this festival. An unusual mango-eating contest was the focus of much attention. The 'Akashwani Samachar, Patna' Twitter account posted footage of a mango-eating contest, in which contestants ate as many mangos as possible in a set amount of time. Tagline for the competition was "Aam Khaao Inaam Paao," and it was held in the Bettiah region of West Champaran, Bihar. Isn't it true that eating a mango is a very happy and exciting experience? 

The Costliest Mango - Miyazaki 

There are many different types of mango, but the "Miyazaki," the world's best and most expensive mango, was featured at the Siliguri mango festival. Siliguri hosted its annual Mango Festival, a three-day celebration of the fruit, for the seventh time this year. Priced at an unbelievable Rs 2.75 lakh per kilogram. On the evening of June 9, the Association for Conservation & Tourism (ACT) and the Modella Caretaker Centre & School (MCCS) opened the event. In celebration of the incredible variety of this fruit, the event included over 262 varieties of mango. 

Award Winning Movie – Mango Curry 

When compared to other fruits, mangoes uniquely convey a sense of decadence and sensuality; Katrina Kaif's "aamsutra" commercials were on their way in this regard. For many of us, however, they also go back to a more carefree era, to rituals and joys shared with loved ones, and to everything that summer implies at a particular stage of our lives. This is the feeling that inspired "Mango Curry," a short film by Coimbatore-based photographer Nikithaa Kumaran. In the "Food Film Shorts" category at the newly announced Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2023 awards, Kumaran took home the prize for his winning short film. 

Not an Aam Chai – Mango Chai 

When the heat of summer is at its pinnacle, the only thing that can save you is the season's exquisite gift of mangoes. This summer fruit was used in a wide variety of fusion meals due to its high culinary versatility and exquisite flavour. Despite the fact that fusion cuisine is on the rise and that mangoes are used in a wide variety of dishes, a B.Com Chaiwala in Kolkata created a fusion of mango and chai that has become quite popular, on the internet as well as in the City of Joy itself. The price of a cup of tea at this store in Kolkata is a mere 10 rupees. This time around, the now-popular mango tea was included.  

Khaas Aam – Modi Mango 

Mango producers all throughout India generate new mango types every year, and mango fans from all over the country feast on their old favourites during the summer months. A new mango variety honouring Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was released this year at Malihabad, Uttar Pradesh. Upendra Singh of Malihabad is one of the most significant mango growers in the region, therefore he was the recipient of the registration certificate for the Modi mango variety from the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). Singh told IANS that the new Modi mango variety was named after the Indian leader because the desi mango has a large, plump upper section that recalls Modi's famous 56-inch chest statement.  

Kalesh Over Buying Mangoes 

Mangoes became the source of a heated argument that escalated into a physical confrontation. Two Indian nationals got involved in an altercation outside a London street vendor. There was also video footage of the entire fight that was uploaded to Twitter. The dispute started because of the popular fruit itself: mangoes. The video went viral after it was posted on Twitter by @gharkakalesh with the caption "Kalesh Over Buying Mangoes b/w Pakistani People's in London." The video went viral, with over 80,000 views and much talk about it online. 

Mango Omelets 

A video of a street vendor frying eggs sunny-side-up in a pool of oil went viral this year. The vendor adds two egg yolks to the tawa, along with some chopped onions and red peppers. The dish in progress looked good until he poured in a bottle of maaza and continued cooking for a few minutes. Then the egg whites were added. Then he seasoned it with salt and other spices and pour in another bottle of maaza. He next adds the combined egg yolk and egg white mixture to the fried eggs. A mountain of cheese is piled on top just before serving, as if the maaza twist weren't enough.