Nahoum’s: Reliving The Charm Of Kolkata’s ​​Oldest Jewish Bakery
Image Credit: Ayandrali Dutta

A crisp winter morning in Kolkata is everything beautiful. People are slowly stepping out of their homes and honking cars and buses are yet to throng the roads. The city’s old-world charm is best experienced at this time of the day. This can also be the perfect time to make a trip to the city of joy’s oldest and only surviving Jewish bakery - Nahoum’s and Sons Ltd Confectioners - located in the bustling New Market area.

Historic Bakery of Kolkata

The bakery was established in 1902 by a Jew from Baghdad, named Nahoum Israel Mordecai. Thanks to his fascinating baking skills, he brought the culture of door-to-door delivery of cakes to Kolkata for the first time. The bakery is still known to maintain its historic aura. No wonder, despite the burgeoning number of bakeries that have since come up and dotted the city, Nahoum still exudes the old-world feel - something that has not deterred in these 120 years of its existence amid tough, modern competitors.

Décor And Charm

While iconic bakeries like Flurys have seen an enormous makeover, even while keeping up their spirit, what makes Nahoum stand aside is its old, Jewish bakery look that has not dwindled even after so many years. The inside of this bakery will take you to the big Belgian teakwood façade with glass shelves inside the shop displaying the baking repository. The marble table inside still stacks the inventory of the store. Many from the young generation cannot help being mesmerised by its décor. But those in love with tradition and history are sure to fall in love with its antique charm.

Signature Goodies

The vibe at the bakery is even better during Christmas. Year-end festivities cannot be complete without having a bite of Nahoum’s archetypal rich fruit cake. For its aroma, and soft and succulent texture that melts in the mouth, this cake remains a hot favourite among every bon vivant. Among its other signature items are Easter eggs and plum cakes. Meanwhile, the city’s Jew community also throng the outlet to get a taste of its authentic baklava cakes and cashew rings. Those who frequent Nahoum on a daily basis vouch for its high-quality bread and cookies. Unadulterated and original in taste, the macaroons, the popular madeira cake and mouth-watering marzipan candies, along with their newer pals cheese samosas and garlic bread make customers visit the place again and again.

So, the next time you are on a shopping spree at New Market, pay a visit to Nahoum’s for an experience you would like to relive again.

Satarupa B. Kaur has been writing professionally since a decade now. Always on the go; she loves travel, books, playtime with her toddler as she explores new places and food!