Nagpur Special: This Tarri Poha Recipe Is Worth Trying
Image Credit: Nagpur Special Tarri Poha

Poha is a staple Indian breakfast dish, and it is said that Nagpur serves one of the yummiest pohas. You may have tried various poha versions earlier, but have you tried a homemade spicy one? This Nagpur special tarri-poha has a delicious recipe with multiple spices and kala chana sauce called Tarri. When you serve it hot, you can see how quickly it gets devoured. Want to try some? This Tarri Poha recipe by Bishal Gurung, Executive Chef, The Flying Dutchman, is worth trying.

Nagpur Special (Tarri Poha)


Rassa Masala 

  • Coriander seeds 150g 
  • Stone flowers 10g 
  • Tej Patta 5g 
  • Star anise 10no 
  • Cinnamon stick 15g 
  • Black cardamom 8g 
  • Green cardamom 10g 
  • Coconut dry 60g 
  • Bedgi chilli 5g 
  • Saunf 5g 
  • Shahi jeera 5g 
  • Jeera 15g 
  • Nutmeg 6g 
  • White til 50g 
  • Garlic 50g 
  • Onion 100g 
  • Khas khas 40g 
  • Oil 100ml 
  • Rice 50g 

Curry (chana tarri) 

  • Black boiled chana 250g 
  • Garlic chopped 20g 
  • Onion chopped 60g 
  • Tomato chopped 60g 
  • Rassa masala 60g 
  • Curry leaves 10no 
  • Green chilli chopped 2g 
  • Mustard seeds 2g 
  • Tamarind paste 1tspn 
  • Cumin seeds 5g 
  • Turmeric powder 2g 
  • Oil 20ml

Poha Mix

  • Poha 100g 
  • Mustard seeds 2g 
  • Curry leaves 8no 
  • Turmeric powder 2g 
  • Salt 1g 
  • Oil 10ml 


  • Onion chopped 20g 
  • Tomato chopped 15g 
  • Fried peanut 15g 
  • Namkin fine sev 20g 
  • Fresh coriander chopped 10g 


  1. FOR RASSA MASALA: Saute all whole spices in oil. Convert them into a fine powder. Further, cook the sauce in oil to increase its shelf life and store it in an airtight jar. 
  2. FOR CURRY (CHANA TARRI): In a pan, heat oil. Add curry leaves, mustard and cumin seeds. Further, add chopped garlic and saute till slightly brown. Add onion and cook for another 5 mins till onions have become translucent Add chopped tomatoes, water, boiled chana, rassa masala and cook. After 10 mins of cooking on moderate heat, add salt, tamarind paste. Finally, add green chilli chopped; check for seasonings! 
  3. FOR POHA: Soak poha for five minutes, drain all the water. Heat oil, add curry leaves and mustard seeds. Once the crackling of seeds and leaves settle, add turmeric and poha. Add salt. 
  4. TOPPINGS: In a serving bowl, first, add gravy, then poha and all the toppings. Best enjoyed with kulcha.