Muttamala-Kinnathappam Recipe: A Must-Have Malabari Dessert
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In recent years, people around the world are increasingly committing themselves to the cause of sustainability and reducing food waste. When it comes to nations like India, however, sustainability and resourcefulness have been a part of culinary traditions passed down the generations with pride and great hope for the future. Muttamala-Kinnathappam, a sweet dish from Kerala’s Malabar coast, is a prime proof of this. 

Muttamala and Kinnathappam are two desserts that are made from the two key parts of an egg—the yolk and the white. Muttamala is a type of noodle made with egg yolks and Kinnathappam (also known as Pinjanathappam) is a type of light pudding made with egg whites, and the two are usually made and served together representing the fact that not a bit of the eggs goes to waste. What’s more, Muttamala is cooked in a sugar syrup, which is then reduced and used up to make the Kinnathappam. 

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If that isn’t resourceful and sustainable, then we don’t know what is. Muttamala-Kinnathappam hold a special significance in Malabari cuisine not only because of their sweet taste and easy recipe, but also because it is a sweet dish consumed by the Moplah community during festive occasions like Eid. Want to learn the recipe? Here it is! 


15 eggs 

For the Muttamala:- 

500g sugar 

3 cups water 

For the Kinnathappam:- 

Leftover sugar syrup from Muttamala 

¼ tsp cardamom powder 

½ tsp ghee 

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1. Take two large, clean and completely dry bowls. 

2. Break each egg and separate the egg whites and egg yolks carefully into the bowls. 

3. Make sure there is no trace of egg whites in the yolks or vice versa. 

4. To make the Muttamala, take the bowl of egg yolks and remove the thin film or outer covering to make the egg yolk batter smoother. 

5. Now whisk all the egg yolks, transfer them into a squeeze bottle and set aside. 

6. Place the sugar and water in a large pot and bring it to a simmer. 

7. Put a drop of egg white or egg yolk to check if the syrup is ready—if it is, the egg will cook and float up to the top. 

8. Now use the squeeze bottle to release long threads of the egg yolks into the simmering syrup. 

9. Once the Muttamala noodles are cooked, use a strainer to remove them and set aside. 

10. Prepare all the Muttamala in this way and set aside.  

11. Let the remaining sugar syrup cool down completely. 

12. To make the Kinnathappam, beat the egg whites until fluffy. 

13. Add the cardamom powder and whisk again for a minute. 

14. Now add the leftover sugar syrup gradually and mix until combined well. 

15. Grease a square cake mould with oil and pour the egg white batter in. 

16. Place the mould in a steamer until the Kinnathappam turns firm. 

17. Remove the Kinnathappam from the steamer and set it aside to cool down completely. 

18. Once cool, cut the Kinnathappam into squares. 

19. To serve the Muttamala-Kinnathappam, place the Kinnathappam squares on a serving plate. 

20. Place a scoopful of the Muttamala on top of each Kinnathappam square and serve.