Muthiya To Paratha: 5 Interesting Ways To Relish Bottle Gourd
Image Credit: Jatinder Kour/facebook

Vegetables are an important part of Indian cuisine and are available in numerous varieties. They are rich in various nutrients, and there are plenty of recipes for cooking them. From stir-fry to spicy curry and raita, these nutrient-rich ingredients can be prepared in various delicious ways. But we all have a set of vegetables that we don’t enjoy eating, and bottle gourd may be one of them.

Also known as lauki or doodhi, bottle gourd has a neutral flavour that is often enhanced with some desi condiments, but some of us don’t like it. But this vegetable is packed with plenty of health benefits, which makes it important to include it on your plate. Lauki is very hydrating and easy to digest. It also regulates blood pressure, controls diabetes, and supports weight loss. Its anti-inflammatory properties also cure liver and kidney inflammation.

There are so many reasons for including bottle gourd in your diet, but do not worry; you don’t have to compromise on the taste. Here are five delicious ways to add bottle gourds to your plate:

Lauki Muthiya

Muthiya is a Gujarati snack that is traditionally made from chickpea flour and methi. Just add grated bottle gourd to your usual muthiya ingredients and knead the dough well before cooking it. Lauki muthiya is best enjoyed with a side of mint and coriander chutney. It will not only make your dish healthier but also enhance its taste.

Lauki Bharta 

This easy and quick dish goes well for both lunch and dinner. Lauki bharta provides a tasty twist to the commonly disliked bottle gourd. Bottle gourd, also known as lauki, is a healthy vegetable that contains a significant amount of water and should be consumed regularly. It is cooked along with onions, tomatoes, and some basic spices. Lauki bharta can be prepared within half an hour, and it is best served with lachha paratha and raita. Lauki is a calcium- and magnesium-rich vegetable that aids in weight loss and lowers blood pressure, making it an excellent choice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Lauki Chana Dal

This simple and nutritious curry is made with bottle gourd and Bengal gram lentils. It can be easily prepared in a pressure cooker and tastes very delicious. Combined with various flavourful masalas, it goes well with rice as well as roti. Moreover, in the absence of bottle gourd, zucchini can be used instead. Incorporating this recipe into your summer meal plan is a wise decision, as it offers both hydration from the bottle gourd's high-water content and protein from the chana dal, which helps to stave off hunger. The lentil curry is a simple, healthy meal that can be quickly cooked in either an instant pot or a traditional stovetop pressure cooker.

Lauki Kheer 

You might hesitate to try this sweet treat in the beginning, but we bet you will definitely like it. This creamy and rich pudding is made with the goodness of milk and dry fruits. You can serve it as a dessert after dinner and also enjoy it on festive occasions.

Lauki Paratha 

If you are bored with your regular parathas, give them a healthy twist with lauki. It is a tasty, filling, and wholesome breakfast that is prepared with very few spices. Pair the paratha with raita or any of your favourite chutneys and enjoy.