Must-Try These 5 Delectable Dishes From Bengali Thali

There is so much to explore in Bengali colourful culture and cuisine. One of the important is their sweet, savoury dishes, which are famous all around India. Bengali food is vibrant, simple and full of Bengali culture vibe. Check out what West Bengal has brought up in their Bengali thali.


Who said Bengalis only eat fish? Well, they also love vegetables, and Shukto is a live example. You can find it in every vegetarian or non-vegetarian thali. Shukto is made with vegetables like brinjals, bitter gourd, crunchy drumsticks, potatoes, and green veggies cooked in their signature spices of Bengali cuisine. It's one of their particular delicacies that you can experience at Durga puja.

Mutton Biryani

Although you have tasted biryanis from all over the world, the Bengalis prepare it differently with different techniques and spices. Kolkata biryani masala holds the complete essence of Calcutta spices. The bawarchi from Awadhi kitchens brought this signature biryani recipe. Filled with rich aromatic spices, ghee, mutton pieces, boiled potatoes and eggs, this tends to build different flavours from the rest of biryanis.

Ilish Macher Jhol

Bengal is famous for its maach (fish), and the Ilish macher jhol is the queen dish of thali. It is one of the favoured fishes in the Bengal region. It is also called Hilsa fish curry, has a pungent smell and is prepared with chilli, mustard poppy seeds, and panch phoron spices. The fish is steamed or deep-fried on a mustard paste and served with white rice.


Luchi is a deep-fried delicacy to accomplish with any sabzi. Celebrations are incomplete without serving luchis. They are prepared with maida, rolled out smaller, and deep-fried in hot oil until golden. Bengalis have a special Sunday brunch of luchi served with alur dom (aloo dum).


The most popular sweet dish from Bengal is Sandesh. This dessert is made of khoya, mixed with milk and other unique ingredients that tastes heavenly. It melts so flavorfully in your mouth that you'll feel the essence of milk only. One should try this delectable sweet dish from West Bengal.