Mumbai’s Tadka Bhel Is Making Netizens Drool

With the evolution of Indian street food in recent times, it becomes difficult to describe what exactly goes into a plate of our favourite street food. With the variety of versions of every single dish, it’s hard to answer when someone asks about the components of an ideal plate of food. Let’s take bhel for instance. What would you say if someone asked you about the components of an ideal bhel? While my Odia heart knows that the components of jhalmuri i.e. bhel are simple yet flavourful, my Delhi friends will agree to disagree with the ‘simple’ factor. After all, their version of bhel can’t exist without a generous addition of chutneys to it. The simple snack has undergone an unbelievable makeover over time. From the healthy boiled peas bhel to the fancy Mexican bhel, the varieties are truly exciting. One such exciting variety of bhel is doing rounds on the internet and netizens seem pleased with it.

In this video by the Instagram food blogger with the username @bhukkadbhaiyaji_, we can see a Mumbai-based street vendor making ‘tadka bhel’. He is first seen adding oil along with some chopped veggies to his wok, followed by manchurian balls and crumbled fried Maggi. He then finishes off with some Chinese sauces and stirs well to combine the ingredients. This ‘tadka bhel’ is served with a generous ladle of manchurian sauce over it. Ever since the video was uploaded, it has garnered around 1.8 million views, 67k likes and hundreds of comments from foodies across the country.