Mumbai Woman Starts Eatery With ₹2,500; The Internet Is All Praise For Her
Image Credit: Source- Pixabay

The internet is filled with all kinds of stories. From memes that make you chuckle on a bad day to tales that see you teary-eyed in no time, the virtual space throws up a mélange of stories of people from all walks of life. They not only fill our hearts with warmth and love, but also motivate us to work hard and chase our goals no matter what. One such story is making the rounds on social media and inspiring people along the way. Take a look:

The video uploaded by Swad Official on YouTube shows the struggle of an entrepreneur in Mumbai, named Sangeeta, to achieve her dream of opening a restaurant. Despite facing financial constraints, she didn’t give up her ambition and has now finally an eatery of her own. In the video, she and her husband say that all they had was ₹2,500 when they first decided on the location in Andheri where they wanted to set up their own business. Sangeeta started her career by selling rotis, following which she began tiffin services in the city and then set up a vada pav stall with her savings. Fast forward to the present times, she now owns a restaurant.

Along with a variety of Indian dishes, the restaurant sells special thalis that are enough to satisfy the hunger of at least three people. The couple has added three varieties of thalis to their menu - asur thali, fish thali and Chinese platter. The video featuring ‘Sangeeta’s Kitchen’ has garnered around 151k views, 5.4k likes and hundreds of comments from netizens across India. 

A viewer said, “Respect everyone who were involved in this. Seriously the best piece that I've ever seen on Youtube. 🙏🔥🔥🔥🙏HATS OFF TO YoU ALL! LOVE YOUR VIDEOS* !!! ❤🔥💥❤🔥💥❤🔥❤ (sic)”, while another said, “I have eaten their food they are very honest and hardworking people”.

If you want to relish a delicious meal, you can head to ‘Sangeeta’s Kitchen’ at Chakala, Andheri. Let us know how you like their food.