Mumbai Seafood Plaza Driven By Koli Community Is Roaring Success
Image Credit: Pexels

Mumbai is known to be one of the most expensive cities in India. However, more and more people from villages and smaller cities migrate to this dreamy city for better employment opportunities, to live their Bollywood dream, to follow their passion and whatnot. To aid one of the communities of Mumbai, the BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) launched a weekend Seafood Plaza in November 2023.

The purpose of launching the Seafood Plaza at Mahim Beach was to empower the Koli community.  For centuries, the Kolis, Mumbai's original inhabitants, have relied on the ocean's bounty for their living by crafting seafood dishes that reflect their intimate relationship with the sea. As of now, to the surprise of the authorities, the launch has been a success in just a four-month span. 

A Glimpse Of The Seafood Plaza

You can now see culinary fare in the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced Mumbai city on the shore of Mahim Beach. As soon as you place your foot on the beach, you can feel the aroma of the air changing, and it is now filled with local seafood delights prepared by the Koli community. The picturesque shoreline makes the colourful lanes filled with irresistible food, making the spot a new tourist attraction as well as a new hotspot for seafood lovers.

What sets the Mahim Beach Seafood Plaza apart is not just the exceptional quality of its fare but also the sense of community that you can sense in the air. Here, visitors are not merely foodies but respected guests who are welcomed into the Koli community’s traditions and specialities. Whether sharing a meal with family or striking up a conversation with a local fisherman, every visit to the seafood plaza is an opportunity to engage and learn more about the community’s rich history.

While Mahim Beach now comes with a comfortable and hygienic setting to ensure that food enthusiasts can have quality dishes, it is also a culinary revolution. The Plaza has given a number of women employment opportunities and has been the platform to give fourteen Women Self Help Groups, with more than ten members per group, the respect they deserve. 

It is estimated that within these three to four months, the footfall for the Plaza was around thirty thousand. Thanks to Municipal Commissioner Iqbal Singh Chahal and Additional Municipal Commissioner Dr Ashwini Joshi and their vast team, who invested five to ten lakhs in the project, it is now a huge success. Considering the widespread appreciation by locals and tourists, the authorities are also planning to expand the plaza to more beaches like Girgaum Chowpatty, Worli, Dadar, Juhu, Versova, and Marve.