Mumbai Man Buys Dozen Mangoes For Rs 1.2 Lakh to Help 11-Year-Old Girl in Studies
Image Credit: Mangoes (Picture Courtesy: Pixabay)

Believe it or not, serendipity occurs when you least expect it. A similar thing happened with an 11-year-old Jamshedpur girl named Tulsi. She was so keen to continue her studies despite her family's poor financial condition that even destiny thought to pay her a visit and that too a memorable one. Tulsi Kumari whose father is a mango vendor couldn't buy her a smartphone owing to his deteriorating financial situation because of lockdown. The girl needed a smartphone to attend her classes online and continue her studies. That's why she decided to sell mangoes herself too. 

A Mumbai-based businessman named Ameya Hete got to know about her heart-touching story through a social media post by a journalist. That's when he decided to lend help to her. In an attempt to do so, Ameya purchased 12 mangoes from Tulsi for Rs 10000 each. This was done to let the little girl achieve her dream and reach a position where she can also create a difference in someone's life. 

According to an ANI report, Ameya was moved away by the undying spirit of Tulsi to not give up owing to the circumstances and making all the efforts to reach her dream. The girl's mother has thanked Ameya Hete as per the agency report. She spoke about how grateful she and her family are for Ameya Mete's kindness. This act of his has helped her daughter continue her passion for education.

This can be a story of several other children living around you. All they need is your support and empathy. Be kind and helpful towards others and the world will become a better place to live in.