Mughlai Paratha: Tracing The Origins Of This Royal Flatbread
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West Bengal has made a name for itself as one of India's top culinary travel destinations because of its wide variety of sweets and desserts that have garnered international recognition. Its popularity is due to more than simply its sweet delicacies; it also has a wide range of decadent street meals.

You can never leave hungry in this state because of its crispy tel bhajas, mutton chops, savoury kathi rolls, and irresistible phuckas. Among the various alternatives, the Mughlai Paratha is one of the faves. There is nothing like this deep-fried egg paratha with chicken or mutton.

Parathas, unquestionably a cornerstone of Indian cuisine, go well with almost everything that ranges from yoghurt and pickles to meat and vegetable gravies. Today, parathas come in a wide range and can be prepared in a multitude of ways, ranging from simple to filled.

Mughlai paratha is a beloved street meal in Bengal, enjoyed all the way from West Bengal, across India, to Bangladesh. It tastes well with pickles, curd, or any dry sabzi. Serve it for lunch or as a side dish for dinner. So, let's learn more about this Bengali delicacy.

What Is Mughlai Paratha?

The Mughlai paratha is an envelope-shaped, rectangular flatbread prepared using maida or white flour. The stuffing of the thinly layered, deep-fried paratha is a delicious mixture of eggs, minced meat, and spices. Cut into small squares, the paratha is served with cucumber and onion salad on the side and potato curry.

The History Of Mughlai Paratha

During the Mughal era, Bengali food was introduced to Mughlai cuisines, one of which was Mughlai paratha. Mughlai paratha is said to have been invented by Jahangir's chef, Adil Hafiz Usman, during the Mughal emperor's reign. He was born in the Vardaman area of West Bengal and is originally of Hadrami Arab heritage. Most likely, it is a version of Turkish Gozreme.

The monarch gave his cook ten days to come up with a fresh dish since he was sick of always receiving the same old paratha and meat for dinner. Usman arrived on the ninth day bearing what became known as Mughlai paratha, also known as zabir fala or anda roti. Jahangir was so happy that he gave his cook a jagir in Bengal and 1001 gold coins.

Usman urged his son to keep the recipe a secret from other chefs in the royal kitchen, in addition to not giving it to the khansamas in Lucknow and Old Delhi. For many centuries, the family kept the delicacy a secret until their later descendants began to market it throughout Bengal during the British Raj.

Bengal Suburbs' rural cuisine was less affected by Mughal control than that of administrative cities like Dhaka and Murshidabad. The dish made its way from historic Bengali suburb cities like Murshidabad and Dhaka to Kolkata, Bengal, after the city was made the capital of the newly formed Bengal presidential palace during the British administration. There, it gained popularity and became a staple street snack.

The 5 Best Places To Enjoy Mughlai Paratha In Kolkata


Kareem's, situated in the Park Street area, is a highly recommended place for Mughlai paratha. Their ambience is also a noteworthy feature of this place. There are several other dishes you can try here since the place specialises in Mughlai cuisine.

Mitra Cafe

One of the few eateries in Kolkata offering genuine Mughlai cuisine is Mitra Cafe. The café, which is near the Star Theatre, has been a popular place in the evenings since it opened. Mitra Cafe is still a well-liked hangout today, with commuters from all over the city and residents of North Kolkata lining up for a taste of its specialities, which include Brain Chop, Mughlai Paratha, and Choco Pudding.

Royal Indian Hotel

This restaurant has been operating for more than a century and is situated on Rabindra Sarani, next to Nakhoda Masjid, in the Burrabazar neighbourhood. The restaurant has two distinct dining spaces on the first floor, one with air conditioning and the other without, despite being in a busy and packed neighbourhood.

The 6 Russel Street

You can choose from a range of Mughlai paratha dishes at this eatery, which is located at Hindustan Park, including the Paneer Chilli Mughlai paratha, Egg Mughlai paratha, Double Egg Mughlai, and Chicken and Mutton Mughlai variants.


Nizam's not only offers the greatest rolls in Kolkata, but their Mughlai parathas are equally delicious. Hungry customers place large orders for their fiery and crispy parathas, which they mix with chutney and spicy Aloo Tarkari. The place is located on Hogg Street.