Mrunal Thakur Can’t Live Without Iced Americano, Here’s To Know

The adoration for coffee is a profound and deep bond that many hold with this cherished drink. The experience of indulging in a beverage extends far beyond the basic act of ingestion. It involves the intricate interplay of fragrant notes, comforting temperatures, and the ceremonial enjoyment of relishing every single sip. Coffee is a beloved beverage that offers a sense of solace, vitality, and a respite from the hectic pace of daily existence. And Mrunal Thakur has come clean about how desperately she needs coffee. Let us tell you, it’s not your average cappuccino; rather, it is an Iced Americano.  

The actress shares a clip of herself calming down with a cup of coffee on her Instagram stories. She's drinking "Iced Americano," Mrunal Thakur can be heard saying. The shot plainly shows the actress gripping her mug of black coffee. Can't function properly without my Iced Americano." At this point, a voice from off-camera asked, "Really? How about hot? A reply from Mrunal Thakur: "That's in the morning. It's iced in the afternoon." When asked what other beverages she enjoys, the actress responded, "I love coffee and only coffee." 

This soothing drink possesses the ability to enliven the palate and ignite inspiration. Whether enjoyed solo or in the company of others, the first sip of the day or a relaxed cup with friends, coffee love is truly a beautiful thing for its lovers. 

Here’s how to make Iced Americano for yourself at home 

You'll need ice, water, and either freshly prepared espresso or strong coffee. 

Begin by preparing a robust cup of coffee utilising your preferred brewing technique. For crafting a delectable shot of espresso, an espresso machine is the way to go. Alternatively, a coffee maker can be utilised to brew a robust batch of coffee. It is recommended to let the coffee cool down a bit before consumption to fully appreciate its flavour profile. 

Begin by selecting a tall glass and generously filling it with ice cubes. The proportion of ice utilised in your Iced Americano can be adjusted to suit your desired strength or dilution level. 

Gently infuse the ice cubes in the glass with the rich, aromatic notes of the freshly brewed coffee. Pour the beverage into the glass, ensuring that it is filled up to approximately 75% of its capacity, allowing for some headspace. 

For those who prefer a sweeter taste, one may opt to incorporate sweeteners such as sugar, simple syrup, or flavoured syrups into the mixture at this juncture. Thoroughly shake the mixture to fully dissolve the sweetening agent. 

The remaining space in the glass should be filled with ice water. You can adjust the water content to suit your personal taste. Coffee, ice, and water should be stirred together carefully. 

Iced Americanos can be made creamier by adding milk or cream to the glass and stirring to combine. 

Try your Iced Americano and see if it needs any tweaks to the sweetness or intensity. If more ice is desired, feel free to add it. To enhance the flavour and presentation of your Iced Americano, you can top it off with a slice of lemon, some mint, or some chocolate powder. Enjoy the refreshing, robust flavours at your own pace.