Move Over Vegetables, 5 Unusual Stuffing's for Parathas to Try

Parathas, which are a cherished and ubiquitous component of Indian cuisine, are more than just a satiating alternative for breakfast or a snack. They can be as relishing as any other Indian dish, especially during those days when you don't feel like preparing a curry or sabzi for dinner. Stuffed parathas are a great option when you're looking for something delicious and satisfying. While aloo (potato) and paneer (cottage cheese) are popular fillings, it's always exciting to try something new. Let's explore five out-of-the-box paratha fillings that will excite your taste buds with their distinct flavours and textures. 

Cheeni ka Paratha 

Yes, it's true! A lot of us have a lovely childhood memory with cheeni ka paratha. The Cheeni Paratha is a wonderful combination of flavours, with a perfect balance of sweetness and savoury goodness. To create a one-of-a-kind paratha, simply stuff a small quantity of sugar into your wheat flour ball. Take the ball and press to create a round paratha, then place it on a hot griddle with a small amount of ghee to cook. The delightful and crispy paratha is ready and is absolutely ideal for starting your day or enjoying  it as a sweet treat. 

Malai ka Paratha 

Fresh cream, also known as malai, adds a luxurious touch to parathas. Just take a dollop of malai and generously spread it over the rolled-out paratha. Then, carefully fold the paratha and cook it until it turns a beautiful golden colour and becomes delightfully flaky. As you bite the paratha, the malai melts into the paratha, imparting a rich, creamy texture and a subtle, mildly sweet flavour.  It adds a delicate touch of sweetness, enhancing the overall taste experience. You can elevate the delightful twist by adding a drizzle of honey to make it even sweeter. 

Namak Mirch ka Paratha 

If you're looking to add a savoury twist to your meal, why not give the unconventional yet absolutely delicious namak mirch paratha a try? To make the paratha extra delicious, simply add a pinch of salt and a dash of black pepper onto the rolled-out dough. Then, fold it up and cook it to perfection. These simple yet bold seasonings work together to bring out the best in the paratha, making it a delicious snacky treat that goes perfectly with yoghurt or chutney. 

Cheese Paratha 

Attention all cheese enthusiasts, this recipe is specifically made to impress your taste buds. You can take your favourite cheese, whether it's cheddar, mozzarella, or any other kind you like, and grate it onto a paratha. Then, fold the paratha and cook it until the cheese melts and the paratha becomes crispy. The deliciously cheesy and gooey paratha will truly satisfy your desire for comforting food and the indulgence of cheese. 

Ajwain ka Paratha 

Ajwain, which is also commonly referred to as carom seeds, is a spice that is well-known for its unique flavour and its ability to aid digestion. To make an ajwain paratha, simply sprinkle a good amount of ajwain seeds onto the rolled-out paratha, fold it, and then cook it. As the seeds get cooked, they bring forth their delightful aroma and a gentle hint of spiciness, adding a special touch to the paratha. This infusion of flavours not only makes it more tempting but also helps with digestion.