Move Over Junk Food, Here Are 8 Fruits For Healthy Sodium Intake

Sodium is an essential mineral which helps in boosting body's muscle enzyme activities and muscle contraction. Our everyday intake of sodium comes through salt, and it helps to maintain electrolyte balance in the body while promoting healthy fluid levels. Sodium deficiency can lead to physical and mental issues including dizziness, fatigue, hormone imbalance, a tendency to forget things, diarrhoea and low blood pressure.

While it is advocated to have sodium in moderation to prevent the risk of water retention and high blood pressure, when consumed in healthy amounts, sodium can have an excellent impact on maintaining overall pH balance in the body. Instead of getting your sodium intake through junk food containing high amount of salt, eat some of the fruits mentioned below that will also pump your body with water and other essential minerals.


Apples are excellent sources of vitamins and are rich in sodium content. Eat green and golden apples as well as the good old luscious red apple for fulfilling your daily intake of essential minerals and nutrients. Eat the entire apple, along with its skin for all its fibrous goodness.


Juicy and sweet grapes popped into your mouth are not only a filling snack but are also filled with water and essential electrolytes. The sodium in grapes helps to maintain fluid levels in the body without causing water retention. However, eat grapes in moderate proportions, too many of them will cause tummy ache!


In recent years, avocados have garnered a lot of importance for their health benefits. You can try to include sliced up avocados on your breakfast plate once in a while to manage your sodium intake. Avocados are also rich in healthy fats so you will also get your required intake of Omega-3 fatty acids.


Eating papayas is beneficial for a number of reasons. The fruit improves digestion and controls blood sugar levels. Papayas also help to lower the risk of high blood pressure by maintaining the body's capacity to absorb sodium.


Rich in several electrolytes including potassium and phosphorous, bananas are an extremely nutritious fruit. Have a banana every day to monitor the electrolyte balance in the body and a controlled sodium intake. Bananas are particularly effective as a pre- and post-workout snack to keep sodium and other electrolyte levels in check.


Muskmelons or cantaloupes are rich in nutrients as well as in water. This means eating a small bowl of chopped melons at breakfast will give the body tons of energy while regulating its pH levels, warding off headaches or bloating.


The ripe, crispy green-coloured fruit is readily available at your local fruit seller and will boost overall health while pumping the body with some roughage. Pears also have anti-inflammatory properties and the sodium in pears is readily absorbed by the body without leading to water retention.


Guavas have an adequate amount of sodium content and when had with their skin on can prove to be extremely healthy for the body. However, be sure to have guavas in moderate proportions to avoid the risk of developing a sore throat.