Mouth-Watering Ways to Include Green Leafy Vegetables in Your Daily Diet
Image Credit: Leafy greens (Picture Courtesy: Pixabay)

Most of the people including kids are pre-conditioned to not like green leafy vegetables. That’s understandable considering an array of delicious and alluring foods available around us, both healthy and unhealthy. In addition, the taste of most leafy veggies is not admirable. Let’s agree! But, we cannot deny the numerous health and beauty benefits offered by these leafy greens. If you are a fussy eater and do not like these nutritious food items, we have found a way for you all to include healthy leaves in your daily diet in delicious ways. Read on to know about them.

Spinach Pulao

Pulao is something that almost everyone likes. Isn’t it? You can add more nutritional value to your usual pulao by adding spinach to it. Just make the pulao the way you prefer. Keep it aside. Now, make spinach puree and cook it for a while to get rid of the rawness. Now, pour it over pulao and mix them nicely. Serve this healthy spinach pulao with raita and enjoy.

Bathua Raita

Bathua is one of the leafy greens (saag) that looks similar to spinach and is equally nutritious. It is also known as pigweed. Bathua is a good source of fibre and amino acids which means it is good for your digestive system and cell formation and repair. To prepare bathua raita, you need to boil the saag and squeeze them for getting rid of excess water. Now, put them in a bowl and add curd, salt, chopped onions, chaat masala, and cumin powder. Mix well and relish.

Arbi Patta Pakora

Arbi leaves can turn into crunchy and super delicious pakoras that can satisfy your taste buds for sure. Now that monsoon is here, you have got the motivation to prepare this snack at home. To do that, you need a bowl. Add besan, salt, red chili powder, ajwain, coriander powder, and ginger-garlic paste. Mix them well to make a batter. Spread this batter on an arbi leaf and place another on top of it. Roll them to get a spiral. Steam and serve. 

What are you waiting for? Head to your kitchen and try your hands on these. We bet, you are going to love them.