Mouth-Watering Banarasi Paans You Must Try Out On Your Next Visit
Image Credit: Instagram Image From @smallidea

Banaras, also known as Varanasi, is one of the oldest yet historic cities in our country and the world. Being an ultimate pilgrimage spot for thousands of years, people wholeheartedly come to visit this city from all over the world for the very two topmost things it’s famous for. One in the list is sarees while the second one is paan. Paan is, in fact, the major center of attraction for foodies. For most people, any meal seems incomplete without finishing it with paan, for obvious reasons: because paans act as a digestive. Not only do they freshen up our breath but also our souls with a single, soft bite. What makes Banaras famous for its paan is the unique taste, a burst of plenty of flavors that stays in our mouths a little longer, makes us gulp every few minutes. The generous hospitality and love shown by the street vendors are what makes Banaras stand out from the rest. 

With so many uncommon, mouth-watering and new upcoming variations that keep coming our way, let’s discuss one of the best paans to find in the world.

1. Meetha Paan:

One of the most commonly eaten paans throughout the world. In Banaras, you’re going to find even more than just one type of this paan itself.

2. Paan Fudge:

All the flavours of banarasi masalas and more in this single paan. Just as the name suggests, these are square-shaped flavorful treats.

3. Beeda Paan: 

Beeda paan is a very spicy and delicious paans to try. The best one to exist so far for spice lovers.

4. Gundi paan: 

A small-sized,  sweet paan, has many dry fruits and is made with khoya. This one holds an extraordinary place in every visitor’s heart.

5. Supari paan

Just as the name suggests, this one’s made with supari and numerous flavors of pan masala.  

6. Banarasi Sada paan: 

Keep it simple with this banarsi sada paan. It’s a type of savoury paan that has a mix of many ingredients and flavors.

Go ahead and have a chance to indulge in the flavors and richness of delightful banarasi paans.